Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Okay, so now I remember why I like old pork..... corn cob jelly in the jar, I did learn to write them down.

I finished my corn cob jelly and it does put you in mind of honey or corn syrup, well corn syrup is not a good thing I know but since the corn cob jelly is not made under high heat it isn't actually bad like really corn syrup, now to use some and see if it is usable in place of corn syrup or just good jelly.  I am thinking if I use it in sauces and such in should be very similar to corn syrup but the real test would be to make something like candy..... we shall see how it works.  I have made several sauces in the last week and I have learned a valuable lesson from past years, to write it down as I go.  I have done that religiously so will be able to repeat all of my sauce recipes.  I got wonderful compliments from both Lady and Pianist.  They both think I should bottle my recipes so every one can enjoy them.  I may look into what that would actually take.  I like best that I can actually make more when we run out. Roasted Pineapple Habanero Burger Sauce and my Jalapeno Hab essence Barbeque sauces are both well received, yay.

I roasted our first real dinner from Miss Chops last night and yes, I remember why I love old pork as apposed to new market pork.  It has flavor, wondrous lovely deep flavor.  I know it is a bit of a trade off but the flavor is so worth the little extra cooking slightly tougher meat takes to make good.  It has darker color and flat out tastes good.  Oh, and the bacon is good too.

Today I have a bucket of green beans sitting in the kitchen awaiting their sauna bath and sealing up in the process of preservation.  I still have that lone jar awaiting 6 jars of soup to be done.  I have beets that need grating and relish or slaw to make. 

Yesterday all but one of my grands was here all at the same time it was wonderful to have them all here to enjoy all at once.  I didn't get much time to enjoy them but just having the houseful as I canned was very home, and so normal to me.  I know that some people don't like chaos but for me there is nothing more normal.  I think maybe that is why I multitask so well, I had to to survive.  I only feel abnormal when I am alone and don't cope well with truly being alone in the quiet.  I have found reading helps, or staying really busy can ease my apprehension in the quiet.  I think so many people find that upside down...... do you?

I pray for your day, I pray for your salvation.  I pray that the Lord works in you life today.  I pray that not just for all of you but I pray that daily for myself as well.  We all need the loving arms of Christ Jesus in our lives, it is so wondrous that he has such love for all of us.  He gave his life that we may live, what else can be said, that is love unexplainable..... tomorrow.

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