Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Busy still is our life, but then isn't that true of everyones life?

Saturday evening was truly a memorable night but mostly for its commonality I suppose.  The Ladies wanted to go swimming at the river and knowing school is on Thursday we thought it may be their last chance, or one of their last chances, this year.  We drove down to the swimming hole.  The Ladies began swimming and playing in the river. Poppie and I sat in our chairs and watched their antics.  They raced one another back and forth in the water.  The dug in the sand and made big holes that the water ran into at the water table level.  Poppie got up and started to skip rocks with the girls.  They picked the "right" rocks to try their skipping skills on.  The night was one of those still lovely summer evening where the river was as smooth as glass, no detectible current in the water.  There was relatively no breeze just the occasionally play of soft wind the rippled the water but only a moment here or there.  The sun was soft the bright harsh rays were long gone from the day.  The shadows were softly making their presence known.  The three players in the scene were in a odd harmony picking up their stones and throwing them in to the glass still plane of water,  the rock tapped the water and flipped to the next clean plane of water leaving a ring in the water the caused the next ring which caused another into perpetuity. The second tap began it's ringing as the stone jumped away into ever smaller taps on the water as it danced across the water trying not to sink to it's doom at the bottom of the river.  Each stone played a silent song followed by the melody of each stone thrown.  It was the magic of the mundane, the harmony of the last days of summer shared by a father and his daughters.  They finally tired of the stone throwing, Poppies arm wore out and the moment was broken never to be seen again.  The shadow got heavy on the water and the sun began to dip behind the mountains, it was time to got home.

Sunday was nice, the sermon enlightened our souls and God spoke to us as only he can do.  My niece, Niecy  came after Church to share her lovely children with us for the afternoon.  We caught up on lost time, and shared our lives as only family can.  Poppie and I delighted in the joy of watching the next generation bond in our family and seeing the traditions of family continuing.  We made plans to spend more time together, Lords will that that will come to fruition.

Monday morning I was up bright and early.  I chopped veggies and added them to my turkey roast to finish up my bean soup and set it to simmering.  I was off on an adventure with Lady but had to make sure my bean soup would be ready to can when I got home.  Lady had found a lady selling jars on Craigslist, she would meet us in Zootown, saving us another 60 miles of travel.  We ended up getting 96 jars each for only thirty dollars apiece.  We really do try and find people who are no longer canning that are selling or giving their jars away.  The jars were wonderful but we really couldn't spend much time in Zootown as Lady had made arrangements with another lady to help clean out the full old jars from her cellar.  We got back from Zootown, I got my bean soup into jars, 14 in all, and got the first batch into the Pressure Canner, timer on, Poppie promised to watch it and turn it off, and was off to meet Lady at the ladies home.  She had 52 jars, we carried full boxes up the steep stairs and put them in the cars.  The lady, asked that we each pick a fruit box full of plums to help her use the fruit off of her trees.  We had just gotten the plums picked into our boxes when the lady asked what we was going to do with the food out of the jars.  I said, "We give it to my pigs"  she asked if the pigs would like all the down fall apples as well.  I said "yes" knowing that the pigs would enjoy them but that she really needed help cleaning the apples up so the yellow jackets wouldn't be a danger to her, they have been really bad this year and lots of people have been stung.  Lady and I picked up and raked three trees down fall of apples, ended be three large boxes of apples.  The pigs did love them and Lady and I really got a work out, with the jars up the stairs, picking plums and the raking, pick and carrying of all the full apple boxes.  We went to my house, and I picked out clean jars from the first jars of the day to replace the half of the 52 so Lady had empty jars to take home.  We parted having spent a wonderful day of friendship doing one of our favorite things, well maybe two, spending time together and sharing our love of jars, oh, and the work out was nice too.

I pray you have wonderful friendships in your life, I pray that you have a family to love and share with and most of all I pray that your life has the Savior in it.  May God guide your life, your soul and your being.... May you be his and enjoy his special love.... tomorrow.

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