Friday, August 16, 2013

Beets coming, tomatoes on the counter, bread on the cupboard, and new jars in the shelves....... I begin anew.

We got a lot done yesterday. Booboo and I got eleven loaves of bread and three pans of buns done and in the bread box for the Farmer's market.  Just foccacias and pies to do today.  I am really hoping to get some scones done as well but we will see how far we actually get.  I canned up 18 jars, 1/4 pints, 1/2 pints and 3 12 ounces jars of hot sauces.  They are deadly hot and will be great for that little kick in recipes and on food, but since they are so hot I made them up in my littlest jars.  I have cowboy candy, mustards and bbq sauces to make today.  I picked up a case of tomatoes yesterday, beautiful tomatoes they will get me by until Poppies stars ripening later in the month.  I still have lots of the habaneros left but will be freezing most of those for future project.  Miss Chops is done and ready to come home from the butcher.  We are thankful for her life and all the good she was in our lives while she lived with us, she will now feed us for the winter and we are the most thankful to her for that.  I will can as much of her as I can.

I am an admitted canning addicted but there are worse things I could be.  My BFF Lady is as well it is so much fun to figure out new things to put our canning sites one.  We share the joys, the triumphs and sometimes the failures of a new recipe.  I think that since it is such a rewarding pursuit we just might be forgiven our addictions.  I counted my quarts size jars yesterday and not counting, old old jar and mayo jars I only have 5 dozen left.  I am scary low so I will be putting my lovely tomatoes up in pints I am thinking I may have to buy more jars but am not purchasing anymore Wal-Mart jars.  I am hoping to catch a sale on jars at the end of the season, usually the best time to buy.  I will be putting up peaches again next week, Thor said if I canned half of his peach crop for him I could have half.  I agreed but he has to provide his own jars.  Poppie and the girls will go help pick the peaches this afternoon.  They are lovely little peaches and I will can them up whole so it will be a breeze.

Tonight we are to go to a BBQ at Preacher and Pianist's house so a dessert to make to go, and we are going to gift Preacher with a jar of hot sauce and a jar of Pineapple Habanero Burger Sauce,  he is always complaining about things not being hot even, somehow I think these will 

May you know that the Lord loves you because you are, in his eyes, the most special creation he ever created.  He loves you and gave his son for you,  love him and believe his word.  Believe that he gave his son for your sins and he is offering you everlasting life with him, you just have to believe and accept his gift.... tomorrow.

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