Monday, July 29, 2013

NIce day at Church, canned salsa, checked a dog and took the Ladies swimming.

We really had a nice day at Church.  We took two of the grands, and I got to meet my new grand nephew Dimple.  He looks a lot like his two older siblings but had a big dimple in his chin, like Red, Bug and my Grandpa Martin.  There were more kids there than adults and that is always nice because kids need the Lord so much and it makes for a diverse assembly.  We had from 10 days old to 80 something.....

I got home from Church and had to run out and check on Belle's new dog Tess.  She has just recently gotten her from a rescue shelter so wanted me to check on her while they were at Church.  They go to Zootown to Church so they are gone a long time.  The Ladies and I watered her, played with her a little while and then left her with a sadey face as we drove away. 

I got home and finished the Zucchini tomatillo tomato salsa I had started before.  I had shredded and diced all the veggies that had to soak in salt all night, basically the zucchini and the peppers.  I started with a base recipe and then added tomatillos, celery, garlic and lots of peppers.  I had to dice up the tomatillo and tomatoes, add the spices, cook and simmered it then water bath for 15 minutes.  I ended up with 16 pints, all sealed so didn't even get to taste the end product. I made up some raw strawberry chia jelly too, it set up nice so I will try some out on Poppie today.  He loves strawberry jelly just unsure if he will like this one.  We will see.

I am not really sick any more my eyes are still a little swollen and when I read or use the computer very long they water.  I have also been having bad twitching on the left eye as well.  I hope it goes away with the smoke.  It's not really smoky still and it didn't happen when it was really smoky but can't really determine what else could have caused it.  I have never had an allergic reaction or allergies before so maybe it is new with old age??

I hope the Lord blesses your day,  I pray you are one of his called children.  I hope that you know of Jesus's sacrifice for you and that you accept and believe the Lord in your life.... tomorrow.

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