Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zoo, tile and Creeking....

We had a nice day yesterday.  We got away, we being Lady, Booboo and I, we took Lady's dogs in to have their do's done.  It was hot but we had lots of fun.  We stopped at Michael's and Booboo got a bracelet making kit.  Lady looked at a step making kit but didn't get it.  Next we went to my favorite place to shop,  Home Resources.  I got tile, imagine that!  I also got a piece of steel for the kick plates Poppie want's to make on some of the door that the door jams have damaged.  Lady got a really cool step making kick,  I think more versatile than the one she had looked at, and she got 47 pounds of quick set to make an abundance of steps.  Isn't it great when the Lord provides for you wants is such fun ways, you know there are no coincidences.  She even got some tile, you know it can be a disease.  We stopped at the Good Food store couldn't find the wintergreen I need but we did have a great healthy lunch.  We went shopping and bought some clothes.  The Ladies each got and outfits and shoes, I actually found a couple nice blouses and a skirt.  Lady bought several nice things.  Off to pick up the pooches and home.

I got home and Poppie, Mokie and Yogie had a creek trip planned.  We left as soon as Son was home.  It was really nice, officially we were only 98 but several of my friends had 104, in the shade on their home thermometers. Booboo fell in the creek and hurt her leg, but we told her to set in the shallows and it would be like and ice pad.  Shortly she was swimming again.  Boy was not quite brave enough to actually swim but he is on the cusp.  Bubbles threw stones in the water, it is so cute to watch her, our little leftie. Cubbie filled Mokie's car with rocks, just as Booboo used to fill mine. The water is still higher than normal which was welcome because it made for a nice little swimming hole in the creek. 

I got home washed more jars, still several hundred to go.  I wanted to tile but Poppie wouldn't let me but it is already to go so I will be off to do that in a minute.  I have the rest of the peaches to do, I was just to lazy to do them last night.  I have decided to make the last of them in to peach butter,  I haven't actually made it before but is basically like making apple butter and I have made lots of that.  Poppie loves peach preserves so should love the butter. I am going to make a trial peach barbeque sauce as well.  Oh, and the last will be made into homemade ice cream for the ice cream social at Church tonight.

I hope you have a blessed day.  I hope you stay safe in God's embrace and safe from the heat.  The Lord be with you, amen.... tomorrow.

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