Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Experimenting in Kefirs.....BlueBerry Sourdough Kefir Chia Pancakes.... the first real go on my own in kefir recipes.

I mixed up sourdough kefir two days ago equal parts flour (2 cups) and milk Kefir (2cups) I mixed it in my squatty 1/2 gallon so it made a half a jar of kefir sourdough.  I let it set on the counter for 48 hours with a tight lids, fruit flies can't resist it.  This morning I had to use it so with all the grands here, or coming today, well except for the ones that don't live here or hereabouts.  I decided I would make them Sourdough Kefir Blueberry Chia pancakes, sounds harder than it was in the end. 

I used all of the Sourdough in the jar because Kefir Sourdough is a one mix wonder, you don't have to keep it for weeks or years on end like with my traditional sourdough.  I am making the batch with water Kefir to see how it works out but if it is as good as the milk Kefir it's a keeper and can go, with Booboo's recommendation, into the "recipe book".  I pour all 4 cups of Kefir Sourdough in the bowl.  I added 2 eggs, one heaping tablespoon of baking powder, one teaspoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of sugar, 1 cup of flour, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.  I mixed it all up together and folded in 6 ounces of Blueberries.  Booboo got the griddle ready and when it was hot she poured out a lovely Mickey Mouse pancakes, bowtie included, we have been practicing pouring it in a way that you end up with eyes, 2d ears and tied bow ties...  Okay, kids love the extra effort.  I digress.  We waited for the bubbles, and then the holes from the bubbles and then it was time to flip over.  Flipped beautifully and the color was perfect.  We awaited it's cooking, and then plated it.  We buttered it and poured on orange homemade syrup.  The first bite was as good as the anticipation of if it would be.  They were wonderful and if I must say actually better than our normal sourdough pancakes.  Sourdough Kefir Pancakes are wondrous!!  Booboo is currently cooking off the last of the batch for treats later and all the happy fattened grands are off on their morning adventures with full tummies, and since some of the grands are picky little eaters that is a wonderful accomplishment. 

Sourdough Kefir Blueberry Chia Pancakes.

4 cups of milk Kefir Sourdough ** recipe to follow.
2 eggs, fresh from the chickens is best
1 heaping tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon of baking soda
2 tablespoon of sugar, honey, maple syrup or your favorite sweetener
1 cup flour, your favorite
2 tablespoons of chia seed, optional
6 ounces of blue berries

Add all of the first 7 ingredients to a bowl and stir up well, once stirred well fold in Blueberries, bake 1/3 cup to each pancake on a hot griddle.  If you make Mickey Mouse pancakes it will take additional batter.  Bake each until the edge is a little dry and the bubbles have begun to pop in the middle.  Should be a golden brown when you flip them.  Add your favorite syrup or jelly and enjoy.

One recipe of milk sourdough Kefir.

2 cups of milk Kefir
2 cups of flour, any kind

mix together and let set 48 hours and us in your favorite sourdough recipe.

May the Lord bless your day with pancakes in you tummy.  May you be blessed with the fellowship of your family or the ones you love.  May the Lord call you to his Grace this day..... tomorrow.

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