Sunday, July 7, 2013

I can't see your salvation, you can't really see mine, but can you see a person discipleship? Can you see a persons faith?

I have heard the Preacher say numerous time that he can't see any ones salvation and none of us can see his.  I think this has been a statement I have thought on more than once.  Several years ago my friend Belle said she can't know if someone is a Christian, only they can know.  Again I have thought and thought on her statement.  I guess they are right in the minutest sense of the word.  No, I can't see if you truly accepted God's grace and gift of salvation, for sure. I can't know for 100 percent what anyone ever does but can I see your discipleship? maybe the better question.  I truly may not be able to see your salvation if you are a carnal person, because I am not sure that a carnal saved person is really a Christian if you use the same measure that Preacher and Belle were using. So I am thinking that those would be the people I would not be able to sees salvation most probably. 

I still think that for the most part you can see when a person is a Christian.  What is a Christian?  I know a lot of people will say it is a religion, but I don't believe it is.  The saved carnal believer doesn't actually claim to be a Christian always so because he is save too can we make him a Christian?  I think that being a Christian is more than being a believer of God.  Belief in God, and his word, that he sent his only begotten son to earth and if you believe on him you are saved by the Grace of God doesn't necessarily make you a Christian not in the true sense. I think having a personal relationship with Jesus makes you a Christian. I think being a disciple of Jesus makes you a Christian. What is a disciple?  A disciple by definition is: n.
    1. One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another.
    2. An active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy.
  1. often Disciple One of the original followers of Jesus.
  2. Disciple A member of the Disciples of Christ.

So being saved doesn't make you a disciple by definition.  So what makes you a Christian would not be being saved.  Being a Christian would require action, and God's Grace is a free gift, so acceptance of God's free gift of salvation in and of itself does not make you a Christian.  Being a Christian is an active relation ship with Christ, it is some one who is a disciple, some one who follows and embraces Christ's examples, some one who works toward the goals the Christ put forth for us.  Being a Christian is something that some one should be able to see, so in the end the Preacher is right I can't see your salvation, but I am not sure the Belle is right, I should be able to see your Christianity. 

I know that God exists, I believe his ever word.  NO, I have never seen God, no, I have never heard him speak to me aloud, but I do hear his words.  He gave us the Bible, his words, and I do hear them in my soul as sure as the fact that I am standing here on this earth.  I know I have said before that to believe is a simple as reading the first five words of the Bible... In the beginning God created...  or said like in John

John 1:1

King James Version (KJV)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
God spoke the word and our world became as it is, not evolution or eon's of time to create.  God spoke it and it was as it is. A Word created all.  How magnificent is that?  How miraculous, how much faith it takes to know that.  How much faith God gives us if we only believe in his words.  Isn't it wondrous that God not only gives us the Grace if we have faith but he gives us the faith as well.  He gives us so much if only we believe (or accept the belief he gives us) ..... In the beginning was the Word and the Word was and is still God.... tomorrow.

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