Friday, July 26, 2013

More tile yay! NO Cavities and a new fire....... Kefir experimenting update.

We stopped and picked up minerals for the goats the first thing we got to the Zoo yesterday.  We stopped in at Home Resources next, we got more tile, yay.  I also found a really nice kitchen faucet set, it is a nice Pfister.  I looked it up and probably paid a ninth of what it would have cost me new.  It is very nice. I need to get a soap dispenser to finish the look for my sink area, found several that I can get for about have what I paid for the whole faucet set, funny that.  I also found a perfect cupboard, for the Hoosier style cupboard I want to make.  I actually have the floor bin, the sugar bin and the enamel pull out board that is the counter top part.  The only problem with the cupboard piece was that though it was the right look and era piece it was about 10 inches to big so I did not get it, so sad when something is almost perfect but still wrong in the end.  I had just decided that it was not going to work when I spied a vintage Howard MFG wall mounted iron board set.  It has both the board and the sleeve board.  It is in beautiful shape, though it has no door, but not hard to make, so I was ecstatic.  I was so excited to get it as I have been looking for one for about 15 years.  I had had one but lost it when we moved years ago.  We are going to put it in the pantry, we will install it in the door way we have to close up that used to be the office door to my bedroom.  It was all in all a wonderful set of finds at my favorite store.

 I took a final count of tile when we got home and so far I have probably got about half, or more, of the tile I need for the kitchen and a third of what I need for our bedroom. I will need close to 200 pieces for each room.  I had a friend email me that she felt tile would be a mistake in my kitchen yesterday and that the industry was no longer using tile really as an option in the kitchen.  I having worked on tile several times, longer term, and was surprised at that.  I decided to check out if tile in my kitchen would be an investment or a deterrent.  I was happy to find that it was a better investment than carpet, vinyl or laminate.  It was not as good an investment as granite or porcelain but ceramic tile is really a good investment so happily I am still on my quest to tiling me kitchen floor and bedroom floor.  I am making several wool braid rugs for both to complete the looks.  I can't wait to succeed at my goals in redoing the two rooms.  I have finally gotten the two bathrooms and the pantry at the point I can grout them. I have to finish the laundry room and then I will grout them all at the same time so I can seal them up.  Sealing from what I can determin, and having had past experience with a counter I tiled in my old house, is an important part to a successful tile floor.  I did have circumstance, the other day, where a friend who has laid quite a bit of professionally tiling experience stop in to see my tiling projects and he said I was doing a great job.  He offered to lend us his tile saw in lieu of our tile cutter but so far we are doing okay with the tile cutter but know we can use his if needs be.   I am really quite happy with my tiling so far. 

The kids all had a "no cavity" day at the dentist.  Yogie still can't have the last bracket and wires on her teeth, we are waiting until September for the last tooth to be in enough.  Cubbie was loud and naughty, again, but probably being held down for stitches earlier in the week was still a trauma to her.  They did tell her next time they would strap her down if she didn't cooperate so we can only hope that by February she will be more grown up and more amenable to the whole situation.  One can hope.  We had lunch and we on our way home, there was a new fire in Frenchtown.  They were using helicopters and planes to try and get it under control as we passed by.  There were already evacuations in effect.  The fire had started at 2:30ish and was already well on it's way at 4 when we came past.  So sad and shamefully that there are all the fires we have.  This one was started by a boy mowing a lawn to keep the grass down so no fires would start.  There was a fire in the same place in 2007 burned a large area of land then and probably will again...... the fires that occur now are our great sham.

I found my milk Kefir sourdough lovely and bubbly when I got home, I will be able to make a nice bunch of baking with it today.  I found my water Kefir sourdough had already peaked so yes you can make lovely water Kefir sourdough but it is not a 48 hours ferment but probably only a 24 hour ferment.  I will use them both today and make sure but it would be nice to have a 24 hour mix to fall back on, so the experimenting coming along wonderful.

May the Lord be the master of your life, my he be the your great love of your life and may you know his loving embrace.... tomorrow.

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