Friday, July 5, 2013

Great night of family, fireworks and memories.

Poppie smoked his briskets and the pork butts for the party.  They turned out wonderful and all enjoyed them.  The Ladies and I spent the day dumping and washing more jars.  We have discovered that the big shelves will hold right at 100 jars, a combo of quarts and pints empty.  I don't stack them full so these shelve can only hold empties.  The smaller shelves will hold 24 quarts and or 28 pints.  I should be able to get 400 empties in the one set of shelves and in the lower small shelves around a 100 jars in each section, and that is without finishing the upper cupboards so that is great, I am thinking the pantry will have enough room for all my jar needs but I will probably continue to use the lower kitchen cupboards that Poppie adapted for jars. 

We made it to the party around 6, 4 of my siblings were there, 8 of my nieces and nephew were there, two great nephews, my three grands, and lots of friends.  It was a nice small party, for our family, all was nice and comfortable.  I like when there is accord and not strife.  We got to talk of all our childhood memories in a loving forum.  The food was great, all were stuffed to uncomfortablity and full to the brim.  We all contributed fireworks and shared in the joy of celebrating the 4th with bombs bursting in air.  We started around 10 and they went to 12. 

Today we are working on finishing up on more jars and then we are going to go see how our huckleberry patch looks, several of my friends are harvesting already and we don't want to miss out on a early harvest by waiting to long.  We haven't been up in that area of the woods this years so it will be a treat for one and all. We are taking wonderful leftovers as our lunch/picnic.  The Ladies have decided they are to tired to do the farmers market tomorrow so are not baking today, it is good for them to have a break.  They are still sound asleep, though I have tried to awaken them, they aren't used to being up at midnight. 

Off to wash more jars, the good news is the pile of boxes of jars to wash is slowly reducing.  May that Lord hold you in his love, may you know and feel the love he gives you.  Have a wondrous day in his Grace... tomorrow.

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