Monday, July 15, 2013

Fire across the river.....

I took my Ladies to the Grandparents yesterday afternoon,  I came home around 5.  I forgot to go get Poppie gum, at the store, so he went down to get some.  He didn't come right back and I had no idea where he was, he was supposed to be grilling chicken.  An hour later he came home.  An old man had started a fire in the field right below his house, unknown whether it was because of a fire he started or because he was driving in his field in the dry grass, as is his habit.  Poppie had gone out to look at it.  It was already to the top of the mountain, I had just come past there at five and there had been no fire.  The wind was blowing fairly hard.  Just after Poppie came home Belle called me and I asked her if her house was on fire,  dead serious she said, "you tell me?"  She was in Zootown at Church and Groom had been called in for the fire, he is USFS law enforcement.  I told her no, and told her where it was, right where Mullan road west meets Paradee.  She was relieved, today she is on evacuation standby. 

Poppie and I went out to watch the fire.  It was billowing clouds of smoke into the air.  The interstate had no parking signs every where but where we were on Southside road there were wall to wall cars parked watching the fire.  There was a horse trailer with a man and a woman sitting in lawn chairs atop it watching the fire.  Every one had a camera, I forgot mine but did have my phone.  I managed to take some photos and video of the helicopters dumping water on the fire.  A fireplane dumped the red fire retardant on as well, got video of it but no sure I can send it with out cutting the video down.  I did get a couple of photos to share.  The people on Southside road in some places were drinking and nearly dancing in the street, a regular party out there.  We didn't stay long and finally came home to grill chicken. 

This morning the fire is zero percent contained, and I have heard the sounds of helicopters and planes all morning.  We are, thank the Lord, on the others side of the river but only a mile from the fire.  I hope they get it out soon and no homes are lost.  The house of the man that started it had a fire truck sitting by it all night to keep his home from burning.

Hopefully they get it out soon, today they are setting up a USFS command center to fight it.  Pray for the families near it so they don't loose their home.  I pray for you salvation and that you find the Lord in your life.......tomorrow.

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  1. follow up: The fire was not started from his truck or from him burning debris. It was started by his use of an extension cord, used long term, to run a well pump. It shorted out.


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