Saturday, July 27, 2013

Missing BBFC today and the farmer's market.... trying to take it easy.

Today will be my first time ever missing Bountiful Baskets.  I have been sick since yesterday morning.  I couldn't even supervise the baking so no farmer's market either.  It seems to be a sinus cold but I have had a fever and now I have swollen eyes like I am having an allergic reaction.  I have never had trouble with allergies before, or smoke, so don't really know what is happening.  I was nausea for part of the day as well, an no energy, I hope it goes away soon.  I had canning to do but didn't get it done.  So will try and get it done today with the girls help.  Enough whining. Lady is going to do both jobs at BBFC today, she will do fine.  Her daughter will probably help her as will as some of our wonderful regular volunteers so no worries in that area. 

Poppie, Mokie and Son brought the other little sow over last night.  We have decided since Poppie calls most of them Momma to give her a similar name so he can remember it.  We now have MommaD, and MeMa.  MeMa is about 3 months older than MommaD but they are both nice looking young sows.  We are going to breed them in August and September.  So we will have piglet just before the first of the year and just after.  Life goes on.  Can't wait to get Miss Chops offerings back from the butcher.

I have green beans to can, maybe just one batch of jars.  The first offerings of our garden for them, I also have zucchini pineapple to can.  The girls will helps so it should go quickly.  I did end up making biscuits from the water kefir sourdough with a little of the milk kefir sourdough mixed in.  They turned out wonderful so both the milk and the water kefir sourdoughs are both great options for those of you who like sourdough but don't like to keep it long term.  The wonders of kefir just keep coming. 

I hope you have a wonderful day.  I pray for your relationship in the Lord may it be all it can be.... tomorrow.

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