Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our fire burns on, homes evacuated and homes in real danger..... Thank God all the people are still safe and no one has been hurt.

The day yesterday was a day of anxiety for many of my friends.  My home is across the river so no real danger here. I have many friends that's homes are in the path of the fires that burn.  One of my friends that lives up in the mountains was evacuated early in the day because there was real danger their escape route would be cut off so they were mandatory evacuated as one or the first evacuated.  Most of my other friends were on the stand by evacuation and were evacuated last night when the fire blew up and started back down the hill toward their home.  The fire alarms were just going off again from town, I was told that it was due to more people needed to protect the evacuated homes but unsure for sure.  I will let the rest of my blog be photos of the fire, some from my yard with my house in them to show how close we are and we are not nearly as close to the fire as my friends.  Others of the fire as it came back down the hill endangering homes.... The Lord's prayers are needed for the firefighters first, the evacuees and their homes..... tomorrow.

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