Monday, July 8, 2013

Girls, Grands, Jars and many more jars, hot weather...... ropes and splashes.

We had gone fire wooding on Saturday because we were just tired from the long week of hot weather.  I don't do hot weather comfortably any more.  I have said for years my seasons are spring and fall, winter is just to darn cold and hot weather is exhausting to me physically.  I know it is probably a lot due to my weight but even when I am down in weight I just can't abide it any more.  I had heat exhaustion about 15 years ago and it really did change my ability to be in the hot weather; but enough about me.  The Ladies were promised a trip to the river after fire wooding but I was too tired to take them after fire wooding so I promised them a trip on Sunday after Church.  Blondie Yogie's friend who has been coming faithfully to Church since we had taken her about 5 weeks ago is spending the day and night with us so she got to go to the river with us.  I just don't believe in public swimming pools.  I know some shout safety, especially you that have never had the joy of swimming in the river, but I say ewww to the public pool.  One of the girls teachers was just supervision a group of 40 kids at the pool.  He was asked why he didn't get in the water.  He said "We have been here 3 hours and only two children have gotten out to use the facilities"  enough said, ewwww.  I took the Ladies and Blondie to the 'peoples beach', we have two main beaches here and lots of smaller hid out beaches.  We had originally set out to go to the fishing access near the 'peoples beach' but it was full of floaters launching and getting out so we went on to the 'peoples beach' we had it all to ourselves.  I have been taking my kids there now neigh on twenty years, it is almost the same today as it was all those years ago.  It still has the swinging rope, albeit a new rope.  The 'peoples beach' is under one of the interstate bridges and every few years some brave boy climbs out and sets a new one to the underside of the bridge. Years ago Foster was one of those brave boys. Poppie usually doesn't like to go there and didn't join us yesterday because the walk down the trail to the beach is steep and very hard on him to get down and back up.  Blondie had never been there and she was more excited to play on the rope than my ladies, if that is possible.  They did a lot more swinging out over the water than actually letting go and splashing into the river.  I like going there because the double bridges keep it cool under there and the blaring sun can not find and attack me.  We were there over an hour and long enough to thoroughly chill Yogie to the bone, her little lips were blue and shaking so it was time to go home so they could play in the hot sun.

Once home I got back to cleaning and dumping jars, I was close to having all the jars dumped and cleaned when I got a phone call.  Drama calling from her mom in law's, Granny, did I want more jars? yes,  Little Sister and Lady both are interested in some and I have to make sure I have all the places I can keep jars filled before I share.  I figured there couldn't be all that many more jars anyway, well not so much.  Drama and King brought me almost as many as the first two loads.  My tree in the front yard is a veritable plethora of jars.  There are piles of lids that have been taken off, rings of rings, boxes stacked here and there.  We have dumped over 50 gallons of slops to the pigs, who are in hog heaven when they get a new bucket.  Miss Chops, grunts in ecstasy when she sees Poppie approaching with the bucket.  I am thankful for the jars, I am also thankful that this load has more empties than the first two loads.  I am going to clean jars most of the day, and hope to grout.  I will be cleaning jars at least all week. 

We will start having 6 grands on Wednesdays and Friday, on all the other week day except Mondays we will have three but not always the same three.  I asked Daughter if the grands could come to Church on Sundays with us, and asked her if she would like to come as well.  She sounded like the kids could come for sure but she might like to come as well.  I am really glad we are figuring out how to be a family though she will soon be our ex daughter in law.  She and Bug are still friends and that is good for the kids.  I do hope she comes to Church, I think it would help her in her new life. I know it will help the kids.  I hope that you have opportunity to go to a local Church and become a part of the Lord's family.  I hope you feel his warmth and love in a Church and it leads to your salvation.  May the Lord's warming love encompass you heart, mind and soul.... tomorrow.

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