Friday, July 12, 2013

Beans all done, Bathroom tiled, Baking...... Kefir Bread.

I spent most of the day finishing off the canning of the rest of the beans.  I had a second jar not seal so we had veggie bean tortilla soup for dinner,  it was a winner to one and all.  The three grands all slurped it up, yes there was slurping involved.  I got to get time to do the tiling in the little bathroom, I was so glad I found the eight boxes, unexpectedly at Women In Timber, our local thrift store.  I had been going to but in 8x8 rusty terra cotta in the bathroom but it would have meant a lot of cutting in the small areas, so I had dragged my feet.  The tile I got at WIT, was several different patterns but there was mostly a cream glazed terra cotta, subway stile, so it was a dream to put in, it even had the little formed spacers on the tile so I got it all done while awaiting my last batch of beans to process.  I had a small area that I would have had to cut a lot of tile, well Poppie cuts it, but I got to use the tiny 1x1's that I hoard for odd areas, this time it was the door way and around the toilet.  I always add a signature touch to the room, or at least my signature to the room.  I do like the odd artistic bit it adds, I digress.  I have decided to have Poppie build me a faux fire place in the inside of my antique mantel columns so I can do some cool tiling to make it more a Victorian match for the columns behind the stove.  I am also buying chimney paint to paint the stove pipe so it doesn't distract from the over all look.  I found it in a beige that should match well with the main wall color.  I hope to finish the second bathroom tile so I can play with the faux fireplace, lots of my artistic style will be allowed to come out to do it.  I have not been able to do anything artistic for awhile, needing a fix just about now. I do so want to find time to do my DR Seuss wall hanging and table tops, one a game table, I plan on using tiles and book cover tiles, my dream project for the year if I can just find the time to do it.... maybe before Christmas, good gifts I am thinking....okay, okay, I know digression.

We had made kefir sourdough earlier in the week so we could make sourdough kefir breads and the first batch turned out wondrous.  It is small textured, slices wonderfully and very soft so it should be a great buy for some one at the Farmer's Market.  We are going to make some more today, probably buns, and foccacias as well with it.  I think it would make great donuts as well but don't think we will be frying oil today so maybe next time.  We have blueberry pies, apple and peach to make today.  No canning which is nice because I have 4 boxes of peaches, 37 lbs of garbanzo beans coming through BBFC.  We are also going to have Miss Chops butchered on Thursday.  I am glad that Poppie gave it time and didn't butcher her right after the disaster this spring.  It gave him time to come to terms with her and not have done it in anger.  Poppie has also had time to say good buy, though he will not be butchering her, we usually do.   I will be canning pork soon after.  I hope to get some nice lard and maybe make so pig rinds. I am also going to make the head into head cheese, Poppie says he will not eat any headcheese, we will see once it's done.  I like when I have foods to can and process makes me feel decadent.  I know none of those sound decadent but I suppose it is in the eye of the beholder.  I have decided that since Booboo is doing so well this summer, no pain since Kefir smoothies have become our routine, but she has also not been eating the school lunches which have a lot of gluten and commercial milk and who knows what that I will be making there lunches this year.  Why should I allow her to go back into pain if I know she doesn't have to.  We should have nice fruit in the BBFC baskets but for those times when I don't I am canning all of my 1/2 pints in fruits.  Peaches to begin with but we will see what comes along, and let me tell you I don't have a shortage of 1/2 pints, pints or quarter pints, though I am going to can the 1/4 pints in mustards and other condiments.  Okay, I digress, no one wants to hear my meanderings in the wonders of canning.... we try and for the most part live a simple life, by choice.   

I pray that Jesus is in your life, that his life is a shining light in your world, he is in ours.  I pray that your belief in him has manifested into your salvation and you have eternal life and are look forward to living with God when you go home to glory...... tomorrow.   

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