Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ladies, Mokie and family off to Glacier. Tiling and Pig sty fixing...... Evacuees go home.

Last night many of the evacuees got to go home.  What a happy day for those who have gotten to go back to there lives.  The fires still burn, but for now into non habited areas, we have approximately 800 fire fighters who are working on our fire and the cost is now over 4 million dollars. The fire fighters are the heroes in our town they saved our little village when the fire was literally on the door step.

The Ladies, Mokie and family are off to Glacier Park, for there anniversary.  Funny in our family we don't escape from the kids to enjoy our anniversaries we take ours and sometime extra's with us, it's a generational thing, what a nice tradition.  I have said before I am not a big proponent of "date nights".  I am not against once in awhile having an away dinner with my husband but I am not a person that thinks the weekly leaving of your kids at home is of any real value.  I do like to go out occasionally but I think that the kids enjoy the special night out as much as the parents so in our family it was always "family date night" when we could afford to go.  I think that during the family raising years the bonding of the family is the important part.  I just don't understand I suppose that the now generation puts on alone and me time.  We will have a life time of alone and me time once my kids are raised.  I know generally the raising of your kids won't have taken 42ish years but since we started over ours will be elongated but that doesn't mean it should be any different than what our original philosophy dictated.  I do believe that love should be in a specific order.  I love God more than anything and anyone.  I love Poppie more than I have ever, or will ever, love any of my kids.  I love my kids with all my heart, but in a way that lets them be less dependent on me each and ever day.  I love them enough to take joy in their daily newly acquired independence.

I am taking advantage of no kids being here to tile the big bathroom this morning.  Poppie is feeding animals.  We are going to fix Miss Chops pen a little, she was a big pig and got board sometimes so liked to make a mess sometimes. We will put MommaD in there later. We are going out with Lady and Sweetie later, nice to take advantage of no kids sometimes. 

May the Lord bless your life, may he answer you prayers in his time.  May you have the patience to know that his time is always the exact right time and may you understand, and receive, his blessing in his time.... tomorrow.

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