Thursday, July 25, 2013

Off to the Zoo with five for the dentist...... and stopping at Home Resources!!

This morning we are off to the Zoo, Yogie may get the last of her wires on so that she will be out of braces by Christmas.... well if after 18 months of waiting her teeth have finally grown in that is.  The other 4 have 6 month check ups.  Cubbie will probably be a problem,  she had to have stitched earlier in the week and it only took 4 adults to hold her down as she was screaming "I can't breath"  the Doctor told her nicely "you can breath".  She got "stuchers", three on her forehead.  Her brother and cousin were throwing rocks and she got hit.  We have a little shopping to do before and we get to stop at Home Resources. 

I am going to look, of course for more tile, hope to get enough to do the kitchen soon.  I have to look for a screen door.  I have flies and with pigs, kids and goats they are inevitable but I hope a screen door can help.  We have a little shopping and then home by hopefully mid afternoon. 

Poppie is going to pick the green beans, I am canning 5 bean salad, and green beans for Poppie.  We have baking to do tomorrow.  I am going to try out my water kefir sourdough and if it is as good as the milk kefir sourdough that will be totally cool.  I think we will make rolls, scone and biscuits for the Farmer's Market.  Will update with photos of the sourdough tomorrow, it is looking great, and the baked good is makes.

Well off like a herd of turtles to the Zoo.  May the Lord call you to salvation and take control of your life today..... tomorrow.

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