Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peachy day, tile rewards, an ice cream social and the grands..........

I tried to beat the heat yesterday so I got up right away and we got the peaches going.  Booboo and Yogie each cut one sink full of peaches.  We simply cut them in half, pitted them, cut the blemishes away and cooked them.  Once they were cooked I sieved them, added sugar to them and put them into the electric turkey roaster to simmer.  Peach butter simmering, it cooked at 4oo degrees for several hours, so I had lots of time to do tiling.  I had just started the tiling when Daughter called.  Poppie had to pick up the grands on the way home from feeding rabbits.  Only two came the others was at an overnight with her aunt.  Back to tiling.  I set all the subway tile as a backsplash, or since there is no water in the pantry, more of a decoration aspect between the lower cupboards and the uppers on the one side.  I had gotten some really cool tile oddities when Lady and I were at the Home Resources so I made a interesting mosaic above the hutch aspect of the counter.  The hutch is going to be a combo of there bottom cupboard that Lady gave me and the upper cupboard the Granny (Drama's mother-in-law) gave me.  I think it is coming out really cool.  I did end up covering a switch as the plug in that it controls is behind the bottom cupboard, Poppie just couldn't see doing all the work to make it accessible when it would be inside of a cover so we simple covered them, with out altering them. 

The Ladies and the grands spent the better part of the afternoon seeing who could splash the most water out of the pool.  They did manage to splash enough water out to have to put more water in to make sure the pump was able to pump the water.  Poppie also wasn't happy that they got so much dirt in it from all the in and outing they did.  He kind of let it slide because the pool did manage to keep 7 kids, and one adult (Mokie) cool on a day that was over a hundred degrees.  He is draining the pool again today I think, the Ladies will be gone but I will have 6 grands most of the day.

I canned up the Peach butter in the late afternoon, okay so 100 degree weather is not the ideal time to can but if you awaited ideal canning weather it would be in the middle of winter when it is below zero and really have you ever seen peaches in December in Montana?  I got 27 pints of Peach butter, no spices in it, Poppie is a purest, and likes just the concentrated peach taste on his sandwiches and toast.  I notice BBFC has peaches again this week as add ons I hope we get them again, I could make up some barbeque sauce and make up freezer pie filling, which is what I had intended to do with the peach butter peaches but they were just to ripe.  I did use the last of the really nice peaches to make up Peach ice cream to take to the Ice Cream Social at Church.  We cheated and used the electric ice machine to make it rather than turning it in the older hand crank machine.  Pianist said the Peach was her favorite later at Church, and all the others loved it as well so a good ending to a long hot day. 

Today I have jars to wash, tile to grout and a brisket to prep for Poppie to smoke tomorrow, as well as a couple pig butts to get ready for him to slow roast them on the second grill for pulled pork.  Tomorrow is our annual 4th of July party but since my house is still in chaos with no tile on the bathroom floors and my pantry items still in my kitchen, no room for 50ish people.  Drama is hosting it at her yard but Poppie still gets to make his barbequed meats to share with one and all. 

May the Lord bless your day with his glory and grace, may you have an epiphany and today be the day you believe the Lord, not believe in the Lord, may you be saved into Christ and this be the day of your acceptance of God's precious Grace..... tomorrow.

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