Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy with nothing to show for it...... the story of my life.

I read a statement this morning on Facebook about housewife's
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I thought it described my adult life with a lot of accuracy.  Really as a wife and mother, of small children or big ones for that matter, do you ever accomplish in a timely manner anything you have ever started without getting side tracked?  Is there ever anything to show for all the work you did or is it more like you are trying to defend what you did do?  I know I am busy but when I look I can't see where it all went.....

This week has been the same old same old in regard to the above.  I start the week with good intentions and a list of things I really need to do, get done and people I need to spend time with or at least touch base with; but alas I get to the end of the week and look back, knowing I did not accomplish most of the list but things I never even thought of adding to the list are all accomplished but no one other than me can see that.  huuuuuh...

I did get to spend time in Bible study, which I try to do but don't always get to do.  I didn't get to go to CAKLS but wanted to, I didn't get to go to Church on Tuesday, I didn't get to go to Yogie's first game, but I did get to spend time with my niece that I don't get to spend time with.  I didn't get to go on that walk with the Ladies, but did can tomatoes, made kefir cheese, new soap and am making  great progress on my rug.  I didn't find the box of wool I put up, so I would remember where it was, but found two boxes I didn't remember having and a whole box of knitting wool that finding was a shear blessing.  

Poppie has hurt his ankle but knows not how, so he has slowed down enough to paint and putting my hutch top and says with any luck it will be up and working in a couple days, yay.  I think in the end what I am saying is it is not the plans you make and the journey you intend to take that matters but the journey God guided you to make that is the most important.  We as humans think we are the master of our lives and in the end we serve at the will of God, even if we do not know it or realize it.  

Today I am cutting up wool as I have almost gotten all of my braids sewed on, thank the Lord for all of the wool I have found and let him lead me to the wool I saved in that special, currently unknown, safe space. This weekend we plan to harvest 3 goats, Yogie can't wait to used her new 22, and get her hands to gutting.  Poppie is not as excited as she is but hopefully I have three carcasses to make into canned barbecued goat, I have saved on box of tomatoes and have lots of lazy jars that can't wait to be of use again.

 I pray that the Master of all in guiding your life.  I pray that you learn how much more your life can be in the hands of God, and you surrender all to his love and guidance.  Accept your salvation and know that true love of God... tomorrow.  

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