Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sorry to have ignored you this last week, lets catch up!

I have been ignoring you all of late and believe me I have thought of you and tried to get to you but alas I have not and missed you.  I actually worked twice this last week, once as a sub because someone was actually ill and one more day of training.  I do think I will love my new job.  I bragged about it in Church and they wished for me that people would be sick so I could work more and I said "oh, please don't! (one I would never wish anyone to be ill and two I don't want to work that much right now this is why this is the perfect job for me).  They decided to pray for me to have only as much work as the Lord thinks I need.

I had Elvis and Chubbie this week their mom was in the hospital.  I did love seeing them but must admit that I have a lot of thinking to do to forget the pain that Goofy as caused of late.  If she would asked for forgiveness it might make it easier.  I forgave her, as I do always when I have an upset, for my soul not necessarily for the offending person.  Okay it's a sin I have to work on.  I have read a couple of good books and one ended with such a wondrous concept I am still wrapping my brain around it.  The book was called, Called to Greatness by Ron Hutchcraft.  He ended it by painting a picture of when we get to Heaven.  I was in Heaven and got to meet Jesus for the first time and I asked him "is so and so here as I am so looking forward to seeing them."  He said to me, "I do know did you invite him?"  I was taken aback by the thoughts that that little sentence brought to me.  Do I ask people to Heaven?  Do I do enough to help them seek and accept their invitation?  Do my little circle of friends, acquaintances and family know that they are invited?  It should be the most important work I do in my life and have I meet the calling?  Are my children invited?  Have they all accepted?  Isn't that the first most important task I have as a mother? more important than the actual raising of them?  Can I imagine life eternal with out them?  The list is inexhaustible and I fall short of being an inviter for sure.  I pray for more adeptness in invitership and need to make it more my daily goal.  Do I show my salvation to the people I interact with?  Am I being Christ like to all the people I meet?  Just think of the thinks one sentence can provoke......

I have been working on my braiding for the rug for my living room.  I hope to make it six by nine.... I said hope.  I had to gather together all of my seals for my 4ever recaps yesterday, they are having a voluntary recall on the seals.  They have found that the silicone ones are not as good as the nitrile ones and have failed massively.  I have most of them together I have to account for 600.  I recanned all of my water bath jars yesterday.  Luckily I had ordered an extra 100 seals and we use about 6 jars a day so a lot were empty or are now are empty.  I still have 49 regulars either on pressure sealed jars or gifted out.  I also have 78 wide mouth in the same situation.  I probably won't wait to collect them and use them in the future for lotion bars in a jar, for lactose fermentation or maybe storage jars.  I am so glad they are replacing the seals, I do love the lids as much as I love my Tattlers.

Well I am sort of caught up and I haven't even gotten to tell you about the hutch, well I do have to leave something for tomorrow don't I?  May you invite someone dear to you to be with you in heaven, may you and your loved once receive your salvation and rsvp for live in Heaven for all eternity.  To think that salvation is our RSVP is so amazing... tomorrow.

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