Sunday, January 19, 2014

The past should it stay there in the past, be lanced or thrown into the sea?....... I wonder?

It is funny (you know ironic) how things happen in your life.  Some called it coincidence. I'd like to call your attention to the fact that I don't think that there are any coincidences in God.  He knows at all times what he is doing and brings certain things to your attention when he is ready or he thinks that you are ready.  Today on Dr. Charles Stanley his message was talking about things in your past and how the Holy Spirit brings them up again and again in your life until you have resolved them and they are no longer stumbling blocks in  you life.  Well, that is what his message said to me, anyway, maybe it said something different to all others listening to his message.  I think the best part of any preaching or message is not what the speaker decided to tell you but that through the speaker God tells you what he wants to tell you or you need to hear to get you back on the path good or bad.  Any way when I heard it all I could think of is all the hours of my life where I have watched, first my father and then my dear Poppie, devote to tilling the soil in their gardens, pulling weeds and throwing rocks out that their work brings to the surface.  I like best when my dad would throw his rocks over the fence into Poppies garden as a joke, Poppie didn't think it was all that funny.  The message made me think of how the Holy Spirit churns the soil of our lives over and over until the rock that is doing damage to our soul comes to the top of the soil and it can be permanently thrown over the fence.  I am an artist so I tend to see the messages that come to me with a painters eye and I couldn't not see the sun setting on the two men who have meant the most in my life toiling away in love in their gardens.  I imagined in that moment how God toils at each or our soils gardens ever watering, ever weeding, tilling over and over and throw all the rocks away as they make their way up and out of our souls never to be seen again........

I went to Church this morning and to no surprise the Preacher was speaking about the things in our past he said that we should never bring them up in our lives we should not think of them.  I am not sure that that is the same message as the one I had heard from DR Charles Stanley but I listened to see where he was going.  He said we should only dwell on the wonderful words of our lives and the past wonderful words of our lives.  He said be should throw the bad stuff in to the sea never to be seen or heard from again.  I then did hear the message that God was giving me.  The Preacher had not said in so many words that we should lance the bad things in our lives so it no longer hurts but he did say to throw it away.  I am thinking that you can't throw something away until it can no longer be attached to your souls so you would have to detach from it to truly throw it in to the sea.  In the end they really wore talking in a slightly different manner about the same thing.  The Holy Spirit doesn't want us forever hashing out and reliving the bad that once was in our lives, and don't kid yourself we all have bad things in our past, things we are not proud of, ashamed of and cringe at the the thought that that was us back then.  The Holy Spirit helps us bring it up, deal with it, as best we can, and then helps us let it go, it can be like a rock going over a fence or a past deed settling to the depths of the sea but either way it is something we can not change being throw out of the realm of our future.   God wants us to become a beautiful garden of his making in the image of his son.  He wants us to become the perfection that he intended us to be when he first blew life in to the first man and without him stir and tilling our souls to perfection we have no ability to become the image of Christ Jesus.  God can do so much with so little in our lives.  He sees us only threw the blood of Jesus, and how glorious that is, if we can just let God mold us, change us and in the end harvest us, his well tended fruit....... tomorrow.

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