Friday, January 31, 2014

Jesus loves me....... most children have heard this and believe it.... why don't adults?

One of the first things I learned at MLEA, which is Montana Law Enforcement Academy, was that the first thing you teach a new dispatcher is the most basic procedure.  Nothing new in that I suppose but the truth of it is undeniable.  You teach some one the most important and most basic things you want them to know, first.  As a dispatcher I learned first and for most it to know where your officer is, you are his contact to safety in all procedures.  If  you don't know where your officer is you are NOT doing your job.  There are other basics you learn as a dispatcher and I am not going into them further because they are not my point.  The point is you teach someone the most important thing you want them to know first. Those of us who have wood stoves teacher out babies long before they are able to crawl or walk that the stove is HOT and it will burn them.  We teach our children to pick up the toys so no one falls down and gets hurt.  We teach our babies how to call out for safety to Momma and Dada,  that little voice is like an alarm going off to a new mother.  Yes, we like to hear our child say our name but put a little whimper or whine to it and we are a mother on fire to find our baby and fix it, or hurt anyone or anything that is upsetting them.  Did I say the baby trains the Momma, well maybe not really but sometimes it sure seems that way.  Funny we have to teach adults to trust us but that baby is born knowing to trust it's momma and soon after it's daddy.  The faith of a Child in real terms I would say.

We as parents teach them most things but some things they just come knowing, and one of them is God.  The faith of a child is truly unattainable as an adult, we can strive toward it but we always let something stand in our way between us and God, we want to be as a child but never quite obtain that kind of faith, I think the Bible tells us we really can't.  Maybe babies know it more than us because they have after all just left God's side.  Did you ever hear a child sing Jesus loves me?  You can see in their singing they know that it is true beyond any doubt just like they know that Momma or Daddy loves them.  Theydon't have an inkling of there being any way that it is not possible.  Oh, if only we as adults could believe God that way, the way a child does.  We all want to believe it, we know we are supposed to believe it, it says so in the Bible, but if we had the faith of a mustard seed we would know to the bottom of our soul he does...... But, and there in lies the doubt, oh, to not know that but.....

Really think about how hard it is to believe that a Deity as God is, more massive and big enough to hold the universe in his hand loves me?  Yes, we know he does, but do we ever really know it in our soul the way the a child does?  Do we backslide and think oh, maybe we were wrong, maybe he remembers this or that about me, maybe I am not good enough, maybe I did or said, or, or, or.... And that is why we adults never quite gets to that true faith of a child. WE never get it, God, Jesus, the Creator, the one and only God of all, who created every thing that is was or ever will be loves me.  God loves me not because of anything I am, ever did, ever will do, he loves me.  He loves me today the way he has always loved me and will always love me.  There is nothing I can do to make him love me less or love me more, but the adult, the human, the intelligence, the wisdom in me says really?  and I fail to believe what any suckling baby knows in his nondeveloped little brain, that God loves him, today, tomorrow and forever.  Do you know that God loves you.  Yes, he does and he is calling you today to come to him. ...... tomorrow.

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