Monday, January 13, 2014

Do you ever just wonder? and dare to believe it....

I am rereading  First Corinthians by M R DeHaan.  I always find it funny (you know ironic, perplexing for those who think funny only means rolling on the floor laughing) that when you reread a book you always see something new that you didn't even notice before.  That is why the Bible is so wonderful, and fulfilling, God's Word was all to all men who read it and seek, he put all of it there and we just have to keep reading to find what he wants to tell us, but I digress.  Anyway.  I am reading First Corinthians and this time a whole new meaning is coming out in it.  Not that it wasn't there the first time but the first time I was under different stresses and needs so different parts of it talked to me.  I always read the real book of the Bible as reference when reading anyones thoughts on specific parts of the Bible.

Most of you know Paul is admonishing the Church of Corinth in Corinthians but really he is admonishing Churches and people of today and into perpetuity.  Did you ever really think on what it means that God made it all and all of it (meaning our whole existence) is of God.  Really,   you/we we're know in our minutest form to God long before we or the world was ever born.  Time is only for humans, God has no need for time so it only exists for us.  Does God see our whole life and the processes of all life of this creation in one long running movie of sorts?  Does he see all in one second?Do we exist always in ever second in his sight for always?  Does he see me and all I do and have done always?  He knows the hairs of my head, the number of cells in my body, think of that, I know we as humans can't imagine any of these things so how do we really get God? We can't.  Bottom line is we don't, we aren't supposed to, we are just to believe.  He knew all of what we would do, be and decide before he ever put breath into us.  He knows who he created to believe on him and who wouldn't not, and not because he created us not to but he could see what we would do.  That is almost unreasonable to imagine and yet we of faith believe it and those who "don't get it" never will.  Faith is as mysterious as God.  WE are nothing of our own creation or ability.  God gave me every talent I would have, every thing I would accomplish and everything I would be as he breathed life into me.  I am the result of God's doing and giving to me.  He allows me to make my own decisions, but I have never and will never, accomplish anything he didn't already gift to me.  That is a hard thing to come to terms with, that I, in and of myself, am only smart because God gave that to me, he made me an artist, he made me a fast self learner, he gave me an ego, that I could do with out, that get's me in trouble but he gave me all that I am.  I know not why he gave me this and he gave the next person so much differently, only God knows and can say why.  He also gave me free will to accept all that he has given me, and wants me to have, and he even knows how I will use that free will and he knew that before he ever created the heavens and the earth.  Think how precious that makes me to God.  Yes, me and you, we are precious to God and though we be as many as the sands of time he knows more about each of us than we will ever know about ourselves.  If that doesn't make you realize that God loves you, and cares about you, I know not of what will.  Yes, God loves us beyond reason and has never lied to us.  He even became man, his son, and came to earth to save us, by dying for us, from his own decreed punishment, and if that is not love unimaginable I don't know what is.  Yes, the God of all loves you and me and he wants us to live in eternity with him, no longer subject to time.  He has given us all and all we have to do to receive all he has for us is to accept him and believe him, how wondrous and divine.  God alone could do that....  believe, and accept, nothing else on earth is more important than loving the one that first, and has always, loved you... tomorrow.

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