Saturday, January 11, 2014

First BBFC of the year here..... Wondrous Volunteers, you really are the best.

We got to have our first BBFC pickup of the year.  We were all so glad to have it back, we only had one in both November and December.  We had gotten down to as few as 20 baskets but we were up to 31 this week.  I hope that we keep picking up as it goes along this year, we love our BBFC and would not want to loose it from lack of participation.  If you have never participated you really should try it and find out what it is all about.  We had marvelous baskets this week, we had yellow squash, spaghetti squash, apples, grape tomatoes, pears, bananas, onions, red bell peppers, grapes, romaine lettuce, mangoes, broccoli, a truly full nice basket.  I also got extra's of Roma tomatoes and tangelos,  the tomatoes have to ripen a little but that gives me a little time before I have to get them in the jars.  I must say we had great volunteers, and without them the whole Co-op would not work so kudos to all the volunteers in all the participating states. I know that the bottom line is I get super produce at the most reasonable amount I could get in my area.  And did I mention you can get breads, EVOO, virgin coconut oil, beans and many many other random extras, always different and always fun.

Today it is raining, got a call first thing this morning Mokie called to tell us the hill, the big hill, was really exceptionally slick. She struggled to go down it in her 4x4 but made it safely but was warning us. I had Poppie drive us down and it was extra, slick how it only gets once in a great while, water runing down the face of the glare ice.  We took it carefull and he got us down and then he called the neighbors.  Shinny, Teenager and Hewey (he reminds me of Donalds nephew following Teenager around) with Poppie sanded the hill, for the benefit of all on the hill.  It was nice and sanded when I got back from BBFC so kudos to all that give to the neighborhood in a positive way, I am truly blessed with some really fine neighbors who go out of their way to be a blessing. I pray that you have neighbors that care for you.  I pray for the blessings that the Lord sends you to be many and your faith to be strengthened for having them.  I pray that you are saved, have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have accepted his free gift.  I hope that you can share it with any and all that you meet along the paths of your life.... tomorrow.

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