Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, Good-bye to the one gone by.......

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, or for several days gone by I suppose if we are counting.  I am here today and alone for the moment  the littles will be at the door in a short time.  The holidays are gone and I am glad for that.  I do wish I had gotten more time to spend with my girls.  Mokie is soon going to be an at home mom again and I am looking with delight to that day.  I love my grands but have come to a point where the peas are beginning to roll out of the cup with having them here all day long.  I will still get to see them daily, I suppose, but with there mom at home, or maybe here, I can tell them to go home if I fell the desire to have them go home.  I know to grandmothers that rarely get to enjoy their grands that sounds cruel, or unloving, but not so much when they are here all the time.  There is a point of aaaah and a point when you love them more if you are not always responsible for them.  I am there and need a break.  That is my first New Year wish to spend more time with my grands as their Nanna and not their daycare.

I want to continue with a lot of the good I have begun in the past years.  I want to stay on the path of seeking to better the foods we have in our life.  Grow more, canning more (that might be possible but not sure, I did keep my 1000 jars from being lazy last year), raise more and that which I can not to buy smarter.  I would like to be able to buy better flour and grain this year.  Make sure I keep my Kefirs up better and make sure it is an integral part of our lives.  I would like to be able to exercise on a daily bases this year.  I am not looking to loose a hundred pounds, but that is probably what I should, I am looking to put the balance of exercise into my life again, something I can not do with a whole passel of kids here daily.  I want more time with my daughters because I know from experience that life is fleeting and a childhood is gone to quickly.  My girls could use the break as well.

I want to study the Word  more avidly this year.  I know that the more I study the more peace I am afford from the Lord.  I am teaching the Ladies the importance of making time for the Lord, even in our special allotted time together it is of utmost importance to give some of that time to the Lord because it is given back to you tenfold plus.  I try to teach them generosity with the Lord, as well, that giving to the Lord is not always about money. It is about what you have, who you are and your time with others, they are all gifts you can give back to God, after all it is all his to begin with isn't it?  You can not count the blessings you get when you share the Lord with others.  Think about it, what you give to the Lord is stored  up in heaven and do you really want it all to be "gold or silver"? yes,  I do but gold and silver in heaven will not be money, as that will not survive the fires of Gods testing.  The people who your life touches is the Gold in heaven you will enjoy, so what is the silver?   The people that those peoples life touched and on and on? I think so.  I know that there is giving, and there is giving, so give all you can of you, it is so much more soul fulfilling than just writing a check. If I can teach my children to be the light of the world while Jesus is gone, and we are instructed to be such, I will have succeeded as a mother  but more importantly my children will have succeeded as adopted children of God and that is much more important.

Poppie has promised we will be going camping more this summer just some much needed away time. We can't take the Ladies on fancy vacations but we can give them our time and we have all decided this is our summer to get back into it.  Our second big resolutions is to give of our time to others and to ourselves.

I think that two major resolutions will be a lot of work to accomplish in just one year, so there I will stop.  Not sure I just named two, but more like two large concepts, I hope to accomplish them so maybe that they are big means I won't have forgotten them by the 31st of this month, as so many people do.

I pray that Jesus reigns in you life, if not, this is the day, the year and the time to find out who he is, be saved and start a relationship with him, that could be your resolution.  Your soul depends on it. ........ tomorrow.

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