Friday, January 17, 2014

The day outside is beautiful, Littles with happy faces and smiles on their faces.

It has been a totally beautiful week, I must admit I haven't gotten anytime to enjoy it but the Littles did get to go out yesterday and the joy on their little faces as they went out to play was priceless.  Poppie snuck out to check on them and thought he couldn't find them.  He looked a little closer and they were under the play set having a conversation at the little picnic table.  They were out over an hour before the even nice day of mid winter made them cold.  It is gloriously beautiful out my window, the sun shining is making it look warmer than the proposed high of 45 truly is.  My goats are enjoying the lovely weather and several of the Lady Goaties are getting ready to have their babies before long, I hope they take advantage of the nice weather and don't wait until later, usually this type of "spring" in mid winter brings below zero weather in February.  I pray not and I pray the goats are all new momma's before then.  The ladies all look especially fat and sassy, it bodes well for lots of kids.  We really are going to get the harvesting done this weekend.  Yogie is very excited. I hope to get lots of full jars of bbqued goat and maybe some sausage.  My tomatoes came out great my first red lids, all Tattlers, lovely and sealed in my pantry.  I have the other case plus of tomatoes ripening up good for the harvest and bbqued goat they will season and make yummy.  I have collected almost all of the 4Ever Recap seals, I need to get the ones from Lady and get them shipped for replacements.  I will have less than a hundred left and I know I can use them for all sorts of storage.  I made lovely kefir cream cheese yesterday.  It is very tasty, going to add herbs and goodness to it and make dip and see how it goes with the family..... updates to come.  I do have more kefir made up this morning so will be making refrigerator oatmeal today, a whole weeks worth.  Thanks to Lady Hero for giving me some grains, I always tend to lose mine with the heat in the summer and then the drying of my goats in the fall.  She is my hero, in more ways than one.

Off to instruct the proper way to play "ashes, ashes", to adults known as ring around the rosies.  It is funny to hear a newly two year old sing all the words right, at the same time she is spinning into dizziness.  I pray that you family is the most important thing in your life, next to God.  I pray God is in your life.  If not his offer is always open.  He is calling and awaiting your answer to his call for salvation, today is the day, asked him for forgiveness and give your heart to him, he is listening and loves us all... tomorrow.      

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