Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Canning tomatoes today, finished Cubbie's rug..... new rugs to start.

I spent the last four days hunting down, cutting up and braiding all or most all of the wool's I had in my house.  I do so love to make toddles upcycled items but I was not all that good at selling them.  Bubbles has benefited immensely from my failure to sell the clothes.  Most of them are her size and she loves the woolly leggings.  I have to put elastic in some of the ones I had not finished but she is loving the warmth.  She wears some of the dress and most of the shirts.  I have a few truly boy ones that I am going to give to Eighth.  Mokie hated them when I made them but for some reason likes them on Bubbles.  I now have three giant braid balls one in reds, one in green/blues, and one in purples.  I have taken all the photos and will be blogging in the next few days on "braided rugs, how I did it. "  I actually finished my big one that I was making to put in my front room or under the table.  I in the end opted for under the table.  Cubbie is looking forward to having it to lay on, it will be a little harder for her to lay on under the table but with Cubbie all things are possible.  It is 38"x 63" so a nice big size.  I am going to start making up 2'x3' for the farmers market and the Spring Fling, I may even decide to do the Flea Market this year if I get enough made.  I am building up my soap supplies as well.  Mokie wants to make goat lotions so I will help her develop a mixture we like.  If I do the Flea Market she will have to commit to doing it on Sunday for us.

I have been gathering all the old single sheets I have, and I have a pile to cut up for the cotton ones.  I think I will cut up all the abundance of cotton yardage I was gifted from my Sister In Law several years ago.  I think on some of the sheets I may do some tye dying before I cut them as a different effect.  I also have a pile of jeans that will end up being jean braided rugs, did I say that I was a pack rat?  Well it does allow for me to start this project without a lot of up front moneys.  The wool in the end is the most expensive to come by and since so many upcyclers use it it is pricey if you don't know where to find it. I hope that I can sell some if for no other reason than to purpose all of the materials I have that are just sitting and being lazy.

I have tomatoes to can today.  Poppie did not harvest any goats, much to my and Yogies dismay, her because she really wants to use that new 22 she got for Christmas and me because I did not want to make canned tomatoes but bbqued goat, say la vee... (sp)   He did compromise and end up working on my hutch and it is truly beautiful and will be in place in a few days.  More painting and reassembling to do before it is up and usable.  I did, to his dismay (fair is fair when it come to dismays I would say) get some photos to show how he did it, to be highlighted in another up coming blog, I am still trying to make my blog more visual but I forget and then don't have photos so am trying to improve.

I pray for all I know, all who follow my meandering blogs and for those who got here accidentally.  I do so hope that you will seek the Lord in you life, if he is not already living in your life.  I pray that the spirit of the Lord moves you and you seek his salvation.  I pray that the Gospel touches you in a way that it never has before.  Today is glorious it could be the day of your salvation, for the rest of us it is Glorious for just having Jesus's hand in it.... tomorrow.

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