Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Off to the Zoo, Mom and family came and went, and the hutch is still not done.....

I was so happy that Poppie made such head way on my hutch this weekend.  I even took a couple of photos of it being made and then with a phone call it was off track.  Goofy was in the hospital over night so we had kids over night and all day on Monday so nothing has gotten done on it since.  Well, unless you counting having to get four naughties out of it, no it is not a jungle gym no matter how fun it looks.  So my poor hutch is now awaiting Poppies attention again, and the fact that it is in the middle of the living room means he can't ignore it very long, yay.  Hopefully he can do it tomorrow, I do have to admit I have to pick up some paint at the Zoo today to help it get finished.

Today we go to the Zoo, it may be the day that Yogie finally, after 4 plus years, get her braces off.  She is so looking forward to it.  She hates brushing around her braces and it is more and more of a struggle to fight her to do a good job of brushing around them.  The ladies have plans to spend their Christmas money so we should have a great day.  They are going to school this morning until noon.  I have a few groceries to buy and thats about it maybe a new used book or two at Goodwill.  I bought two cases of tomatoes, a case of tangelos and of course the basket from BBFC for Saturday so should be well stocked fruits and veggies.  I need some flour and basics but not much more.

My parents and the triplets came yesterday.  They came to pick up a slide converter I had.  Funny that both of our parents, Poppies and mine, have come almost a hundred and twenty miles int he last 6 months to visit us and stayed only an hour and a half each, to odd.  Mom and dad had trouble getting up the hill.  Dad had not used his four wheels drive in their new to them truck before so had problems using it and got momentarily stuck on the hill.  It really is an art to drive up our hill if you don't have four wheel drive, but you can if you but do it right.  Most people think when they start to spin they should step on the gas, that is always a mistake, the secret is to slightly and slowly decelerate and the engine will pull you up the hill.  I have lived at the top of the hill for 31 years and have watched many a child driver, and newbie to the road, end up in the ditch or try over and over again to spin up the hill.  I find it funny to watch them, if they don't get hurt of course, because if you tell them the secret to making it up the hill they laugh at you and tell you you are nuts.  They just have to learn for themselves and since they won't listen to advice it is funny to see them do it over and over again.  Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and being surprised that you only get the same results??  I digress.  We did have a nice visit.

Off to get ready to go to the Zoo.  I have one little, Cubbie, Bubbles is at the clinic getting a shot.  She was excited to go, well mostly because she didn't know what a shot was.  I am making head way on my rug, taking lots of photos as I go so I can tell you how I did it, still no bubble so yay for me.   I pray for you and all those who you love.  I hope that you are in Christ and if not you seek him.  I pray that if you are you are inviting your circles in life to be in heaven with you, so you can tell the Lord Jesus you did invite people to eternity.  I have invited you so I am witnessing and working toward soul winning as God asks us all to do.... tomorrow.

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  1. Definition of funny (adj)

    Bing Dictionary
    [ fúnnee ]

    1.comical: causing amusement, especially enough to provoke laughter
    2.strange: odd or perplexing
    3.unconventional: out of the ordinary in a quaint or comical way

    I just wanted to clarify for those who are not aware funny has more than one meaning..... Please see above. For those who got it I apologize for having to state the obvious. Both times I used funny it was in the form of ironic or number 2. in the definition above.


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