Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Zoo is behind me, whew! 50,000 to me it's a lot but not so many for many.

I must say that it was a madhouse at the Zoo yesterday especially when at the first store I realize that my debit card was in Poppies pants.  I actually had a check book in the bottom of my purse which amazed me.  Only one store did not take checks so I had to run across town to the Wells Fargo for the cash.  I wouldn't have if I hadn't really want the shirts and pants I picked out for Poppie.  I got a couple of great new books at the Goodwill, as did the girls but on closer inspection the Bible Yogie picked up was a catholic bible and sense I had been wanting to read the books not included int he King James, as reference, I bought it from her.  I made for a long conversation on why the books are not in Our Bibles.  In the end she did not want the catholic bible after the explanation I gave her.  Maybe some day when she is curious, as I am, she will read them as well. We did not get home until nearly eight and Poppie was so worried, though we did call him when we were leaving the Zoo, sometime it does him good to worry.

Today I noticed that I have just past 50,000 views, to most blogger that is nothing.  They get more in a day or week than I have gotten in three full years of writing, yes in February I will celebrate the third anniversary of writing my blog. I will hit 1000 post written in just 15 more posts, so that makes it at almost, or little more, than an average of 50 steadfast readers per post.  Okay to the average blogger that is nothing but to me that is something very special.  It means that somewhere there are around 50 people that tune in every day to see what I am do,  to cry with me, to listen to my senility or maybe just laugh at me, but for whatever reason you all return I get to share my life, my loves, my problems, my family, my friends, my animals and most of all my Love of God with you.  Maybe out there one of you have loved God just a little bit more for having listened to my ramblings and for that I am truly blessed.  I know of late that I have missed up and missed a lot of days,  I don't know if that makes you miss me or just be glad to have a day away for a break?  I do love that you listen because somewhere I know that and I am soothed by your nearness and caring that you show when even if you are frustrated with me you come back, or maybe you just come back hoping for a train wreck, but which ever you come back and that is, and of itself, a form of caring.  Maybe, maybe just maybe I have shared God with you and that is what makes it all worth while..... tomorrow.

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