Sunday, April 24, 2011

The bunny came and left stuff all over my living room... Praise the Lord!

I was awaken to the sound of two small girl's excitement; they had discovered that the Easter Bunny had left bikes, candy and hid the 2 dozen eggs they colored last night. They both tried out the bikes for size to see if they fit just right, couldn't imagine how the bunny had gotten the bikes into the house. No fighting over which was which or who's was who's they always know just which one they like, seems like the bunny gets smarter as I get older, or maybe more insinc with my kids. They finally  rushed about here and there finding the eggs the bunny had hidden who knows where. Yogie's carton was full first as she is always my little rush about, not so much at the Easter egg hunt at the park, but always first at home. Booboo gathered eggs more systematically. She however always cleans up at the park, doesn't care what it is, picks it up while the other kids charge on to the prize eggs, she just enjoys the process not the big reward that is hidden in the plastic eggs. She likes the simple things and is organized.

We all peeled our first egg and chose a chocolate marshmallow egg, one in each hand we toasted Easter. We took a bite of egg followed by a bite of chocolate egg, the taste of Easter. I have always associated the taste with Easter and my two little girls share my memory and we have created new ones for themselves. My older kids say "yuck" and eat what they want, but the little ones and I share our moment. We don't eat chocolate and eggs together any other time of the year but love the ones on Easter morning. It's just Easter!

Today Poppie will smoke a brisket of beef all day and then the older kids will come over and have barbecue with us. We will have deviled eggs, potato salad and smoked brisket, followed by our version of black forest cake. Chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream in the middle smothered in chocolate. Poppie's favorite, since he didn't want birthday cake we will have it today.

The girls can't wait for it to warm up enough to go outside and ride their bikes. I can see them now, in my minds eye, pigtails streaming out riding up and down the lane. I think the real thing will be better than I imagine and I know it won't last long before it is gone so I will enjoy the moments I have with them. The grand kids will come and they will ride their bikes, soon there will be a whole parade riding up and down the road, I am truly a blessed woman.  I have generations of love to share on this special day.

The Lord arose today and conquered death so that we may all have the ability to live in eternity with him in heaven. I know today I will enjoy his love and grace.... tomorrow.

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