Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lambchops and Dessert got to go to make the children laugh and play.

I had promised the girls to take the lamb and baby goat to school before they got sick so it had had to be postponed. Yesterday was the day they got to go. All of the 40 plus children, of the two classes, were totally excited to see the two little guys. Each child want to hold them and touch the different furs, one curly, soft and oily with his lanolin the other straight soft and a little course to the touch when compared to the other. The children let them suck on their fingers discovering that they don't have teeth on the top but a hard palate. The lamb and goatie would follow them as they ran laughing away. They ask lots of good questions and truly enjoyed being with an animal they don't get to see often, in their lives, even in the country side of Montana.

Our new neighbors have come over to watch us milk the goats, interested in getting goats of their own. I am of the belief that once you get stung by the goat bug you love them the rest of your life, maybe one of the little children got stung today. Our goats are milked twice a day, the ones that's babies are already weaned are giving more than the two that we milk that are still nursing babies. Yogie and Booboo get to help in the evening and enjoy the milking so much, they are both good milkers and can milk the goats almost all the way out Mokie just milks the last little bit to make sure they have gotten all the milk out. Our babies are growing fast, the combined breeding of the Boer and the dairy goats makes for bigger babies on the whole which is exactly what we are breeding for. We try to spend alot of time with them to make them very people friendly. Mokie has been afraid of Caesar, the big buck, he weighs around 300 lbs and has always scared her. He is really good and not aggressive but she was scared, lately she is playing with him, he on one side of the fence she on the other. She will dance a few steps and he dances back at her, he lunges in the air and jumps around. I am glad she is getting over her fear of him on some level, he had intimidated her on purpose as he knew she was scared. Rommy, Caesars son and my up coming buck is very mild personalitied but the Boers have milder personalities any way, a truly good thing as they are alot bigger than diary bucks. I had a diary buck that I had rented out but the lady that had him really wanted him so I ended up selling him and am getting his full blood brother when he weans next month. So we will have a new buckling for the girls to play with, he will be one of Poppies special goats as he like the one with out ears. He will be Zeus, actually the second, but just Zeus.

I sold some soap yesterday to a lady that's grandson has eczema, it is nice when I can help a baby have something that works on their skin. I am getting more and more special requests for my soaps, hopefully I will eventually sell enough of it to help feed the goats, we do need to be self sustaining in the end. I will be making cheese this week to age for the farmers market. We are scrapping the hides from Stew and Beets to tan, I would like to make up mukluks for children, or sell the hides out right if I get them tanned good.

The girls will be going over to the DC's this afternoon. their little boy, Excited, has invited them to play on his WII, he is a little younger than them but he "loves" them, he is between their age and Boys. They should have a great time, Poppie and I will have Cubbie and then pseudo grand kids for a couple hours while they are gone. It is supposed to be a partially nice day out so should be a nice Saturday...... tomorrow.

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