Friday, April 1, 2011

New Neighbors dog almost kills the Neighbors Goosey Loosey and a duck!

I got to go out in the wonderful late afternoon sunshine. Poppie let me show off my new babies to my neighbor, who like me is a new mother to her oldest granddaughter so I shall call her, New Momma. We were so enjoying sharing our little goaties with her, her little girl Curious, 2, and her husband Shinny, he is a little bald. They were happy to see all the little ones frolicking to and frow. Curious got to bottle feed the bum goat. Curious doesn't talk a lot but really was having a great time with all the kids, goats and just being out in the sunshine.

We were talking about the possibility of them purchasing one of my does when Miss Chops started acting up. She was running around making loud noises and huffs. She was almost screaming, in a way, very out of character. Poppie went to see why. He was trying to find out what was up when he saw a new dog bearing down on Goosey Loosey, New Momma's guardian goose and her 4 ducks, on the road just past the buck pen where Mokie's, New Momma's and our property come together. The goose and the ducks regularly bath in the mud puddles on our driveway, which incidentally is about 30 feet from the pond, but they have never actually found it or used it. The dog, a golden retriever had a leash on but no person. He had a hold of Goosey Loosey, Poppie yelled at him and he dropped the goose. The ducks went running, one limping. Shinny went running out to help, his nephew Teenager, ran out and caught the goose, Poppie picked up the limping duck. The new neighbor, DC, came running over and grabbed her dogs leash and took him home. Teenager gave the goose to Shinny and he brought her over to the doe pen for New Momma to see. Goosey had blood coming from her mouth and gasping for her breath, she seemed to be dying. Shinny took the goose over to their property to show his dad and see if they could help her or if she needed to be put down. The neighbors, like us, are a large family unit that live on one or adjoining proprieties, they are three individual families all in one. My family was 5 individual families but my mom and dad left leaving their house in the middle of the five properties. DC, her husband, little boy and two little girls bought the property this month and moved in mid March.

DC came back, I introduced her to New Mamma, very sad situation to meet under. She was very apologetic and wanted to make it up anyway she could. She said, "I really don't want to be the new neighbor with the dog that kills things." She had to go as her baby and kids were home alone, but said she would come back later and make it right. She is really a very nice new neighbor, they want goats, chickens and a little farm like we all have, that had been part of their excitement in purchasing the home. She and her little boy, who has a crush on Yogie and Booboo, had brought over cookies when the girls were sick. She is from Washington DC originally and her husband is, I believe, from Montana. I think DC coming over and being forth right helped. I do know that by law if a dog kills your animals, you can shoot it or have law enforcement come and do it. I hope they get the dog used to animals soon, she has just gotten chicks of her own. New Momma, like I was, is a 911 dispatcher for our county and is fully aware of the law. Shinny will not hesitate to protect all of our animals from an animal that kills little animals, too many in our little neighborhood for a menacing dog. DC is really trying, talked about getting a collar that shocks the dog if it leaves her property, but that wouldn't help her chicks, hope she figures it out all are wonderful neighbors.

New Momma came over later looking for two of the ducks, that must be in hiding.  She said that the duck had a broken leg and the goose did not have punctured lung like originally thought, she may live. Curious got to stay and play with the kids, so she was checking on her as well. DC had went on line to find new baby gooses to make up for her dogs damage. I hope this is a good start I really like both of my neighbors, we are blessed that we have such good ones...... tomorrow.

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