Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Chops got new digs, Caesar went walkabout and Lilly is on Poppies short list.

I got a short reprieve outside, with permission from Poppie, in the late afternoon, to see the babies. Mokie, Yogie, Booboo, the grand kids, pseudo grand kids and I got to go play with the new babies. The older little girls were coming up to us in a short while jumping up for attention or a pet, then running away jumping and frolicking. They are just getting curious and they love to get their pets. They are not as fond of the kids carrying them but would come back again and again the play. The two littlest one weren't sure that we were ok but put up with us. One of the little black ones in coal black with lacy white markings, Lacey, the other one is turning pretty brown with black and white markings, Mokie is getting her and hasn't named her. Their mom Lilly, Poppie's favorite, is a nervous momma and has brought them out among the goats sooner than I would have liked, but she would not stay in the barn without being locked in.

Poppie had spent the early afternoon, fixing up the sows regular pen with the intent of moving her out of the birthing pen. The kids and Mokie had gone next door to Mokie's to play so Poppie and I were ready to move Miss Chops. Our pigs all have food names, but the momma pigs get to have Miss in front of their names to honor their being our mommas. Miss Chops was excited when Poppie began unlocking her gate, he usually just steps over the fence, so she knew something was up. She was so excited that she kept pinching his fingers as he unwrapped the security wires on her gate. I got a bucket of food and tried to get her to come away so Poppie could finish his chore and not lose a finger. She did come over to see what I had in the bucket but was to interested enough to stay away for Poppie. When the gate was open we started to lure her with the grain in the bucket but she had other ideas, she run around jumping and playing, we were not worried about her getting away, as both pig pens are in the confines of the goat pen. She however decided that scaring Goats and goats babies was a fun time. She ran toward them and they would scatter and as they regularly steal her grain she was getting a little payback. Poppie was not happy with her so went to the house and got the slop bucket, she followed him like a kitten into her new home. She happily ate her slop, dug and rearranged the dirt and dug up everything to her liking. She was very happy to be back home.

Caesar had watched Poppie carry bucket after bucket of grain from Poppie's shop to the sow pen, he had seemed unusually interested in the whole process. The buck pen is on one side of Poppie's shop and the doe and pig pens on the other side. We had just gotten Miss Chops moved and walked out to make rounds at the buck pen, to our surprise Caesar was no where to be found. We checked all the shelters, Rommy was in his, Beets and Stew were quietly chewing their hay, no Caesar anywhere, and as he is about 300 lbs his being out of his pen is a concern. He is not aggressive but is equipped with a massive set of horns and can us them if cornered up and scared. There were no dogs barking and he was not in the yard anywhere. Poppie was just going to go check at the neighbors and I, Mokie's, when Poppie thought about Caesar's interest in the grain, sure enough he was in Poppie's shop eating grain. We put a leash on him and walked him back to his pen. We couldn't not find a place where he could have gotten out, so Poppie though maybe he had jump over, or crawled over in his case, Boers don't usually jump well, where the wire seem bent down. No other apparent sign of where he could have gotten out.

Poppie and I were alone in the early evening, the girls were spending the night with Mokie,  when he decide to walkover and talk to the neighbor who was using his backhoe to move his new hot tub. I was on the couch watching tv, after having bathed and gotten into my pj's. Poppie was gone a along time. I really was wondering why he was gone so long when he came in the house. He was not happy, he had been at the neighbors and Mokie had gone over to tell him Lilly and Caesar were playing in the driveway. Caesar was out, again, Poppie had to put him back in the pen. Lilly was out, but Lilly gets out at will, she can and does jump the fence when she wants. Poppie was mad at her because she had left her babies alone by the gate. He put her back and hopes she turns into a good momma, she seems to be but Poppie is doubting her now. She is a first time momma.  The day finally slowed down and we got to watch a movie together. Today I get to go out and help figure out where Caesar is getting out at, so more outside time, even if it will be short lived........ Tomorrow.

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