Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New neighbor, final tasks to a life and sorrow at the tsunami.

I began my day yesterday finishing the last duties to my lost Nanny. She looked so peaceful where she lay in death. Her little one at her side. I had Poppie help lift her into the wheelbarrow so I could roll her to her grave. I lay her baby in first and placed her at his side. I shoveled dirt and gravel over her and covered her body; Poppie, finished the work with his tractor, as I worked I placed her in God's hands. She had been there all along, I had only had the borrowing of her. I then went over to the goat room, where she had been when she died,  shoveld all of the old straw and leavings of her passing in the wheelbarrow and rolled it back to the grave sight. I cover it with the straw that would compost over her grave to protect it from any animal that might try to dig it up. My duty to my girl was now complete. She was a good goat and had given her all to this life. I think that made her a worthy animal, not all animals get to give there all in this life.

I went into the house and tried to resume my routines. I painted on an order of buttons, and carved on eagle pendants, both pieces of an order for boy scouts in Ohio. I was just completing the painting, when Mokie brought our new neighbor over to meet us. She, her husband and kids had purchased my parents old place, it had been on the market for over 4 years, two while my parents had lived there and two since they had moved. The house had originally appraised at 250 thousand, but due to economy, foreclosure and the fact that there is a trailer house frame in the middle of it, it sold for 59 thousand. They got a great deal and love the place. That is a good thing, as so many of us still live around the propery, and will love seeing people, that will love it, have it. They seem like they will be good neighbors, who want pigs, goat and have dogs, a plus since all of us in the neighborhood  have animals and they will add to the neighborhood and not want to change it.  We took them to meet all the animals. The new babies, ours Yogie named, Clover, Mokie and Son have not decided on what they will call theirs. She and her children loved all the animals. A good beginning.

Last evening, we could not tear ourselves away from the events of the last few days in Japan. We try to live a private life, but are totally concious of the outside world. The pictures of what these people are induring and experiencing are so heartwrenching. They so bring back the memories of Thailand and 9/11. It is so sobering to witness it from afar and I can not even, remotely, imagine how horrible it would be to go through. My prayers, and hopes go out to all of the people caught in the middle of this devistation. I so pray that the nuclear disastor is abated, and the people are safe from it, I pray the most for the 50, who like the ems works at 9/11, who have choosen to step forward for the lives of others and stay at the reactor, are safe and God's will they don't have give up their lives to become the heros they already are. .... tomorrow.

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