Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poppie's favorite goat and another crazy goat lady!

Cleo and Rosie had settled in and our little herd was growing. Mokie and I heard from a couple of sources, Daughter and Belle, about a crazy goat lady called Crazy Carol, that might have some angora goats. The neighbor who truck drives near her place, about 120 miles from our house, said yeah, she has goat, pigs and cows out in the road all the time, you really have to be careful driving past her place. We decided we would give her a call. She said she did have a couple of does but they weren't the angora ones, her angora had had babies but as they free range their hogs the hogs had eaten them. We had heard tales from others, but as I try not to gossip in my life, will not repeat them, as they are more shocking than your hogs eating the baby goats. I digress, I know a common occurrence sometimes with me but anyway. We arranged to meet her and her son at the big town about half way between our places, Zoo town, it is commonly referred to. We went in early to get our shopping done so the goats wouldn't have to be in the vehicle overly long. When we arrived at the designated place and time, we found a pick up  with a canopy and a trailer, the trailer was over flowing with grapefruits, they were in all stages of overripeness to decaying. They also smelled a little when we got out to look at the goat in the canopy of the truck. I later learned that they make regular forays in to Zoo town to pick up discarded food items from the big box stores for their pigs.

Crazy Carol was a very interesting woman, late sixties, I am guessing. She had a rather foreboding son with her that wasn't really nice to the goats and I am sure was on best behavior with his mother there. We looked at the goats and yes, the one was Nubian and alpine, she looked it and appeared to be about 10 or so months old. The other, smaller goat, was Nubian as well but looked to have some Nigerian or pygmy in her maybe 5 months old. Oh, and Carol had brought a third goat just in case we would like a pygmy doe, no, we did not want the pygmy doe we had just given ours to the neighbor as pets. She really did want us to take the little very pregnant doe but having taken way to many, for Poppies taste, home from the Barb's visit I stuck to my guns. Poppie will only put up with so many of my escapades. We decided on the two, paid the asking prices, which was very reasonable, and the son went to catching the goats in the back of the truck. They were clearly wild and didn't like him. We put them in our truck and went home.

We discussed back and forth on the way home who would get which, Poppie really likes black goat and as Boers are white, we didn't have any, his Mama goat had been black, so we decided he would get the black one, which was the smaller one,  and Mokie would keep the one that look like a little doe deer. When we got home Poppie came out to help us unload them. We backed up to the quarantine pen, when bring in goat from different areas it is smart to quarantine them to make sure you are not bringing in diseases to your herd. We got to the pen and opened the tailgate, Mokie crawled in to help get the does out. She startled them and the little brown doe was finished with us she leaped over Poppie and the quarantine pen, and at 6"6" that is good jump even for a goat. She ran over to Pansy and then the dogs saw her, she was new and they barked she was gone in a flash. We looked for her for hours and couldn't find her. We called Carol to let her know and she wanted to bring the goats momma to call her in, and leave her with me for a week, Poppie didn't want any part of more wild goats. I called both of my neighbors, with goats, thinking she may get scared of the cougars and wolves and seek shelter. A week later no luck still so we were of the mind that we had truly lost her. Since the brown doe had gotten away and Mokie has less resources to purchase goats I had let her have the little black doe, she is named Ducky, after the Boys "Land before time" series.

Our neighbors  had been out of town part of the week and when they returned they had a new goat in their pen, the pen has 6 foot high wire. She, Lily, the name we were going to give the doe we got, Flowers or Great ladies you know, was in with their goats. Son, Mokie and Poppie went to get her. She was not easy to catch they were trying for about an hour when the neighbor decide she would make good dinner, and about that time she lunged to go over the fence and Son made a desperate grab at her. He caught her by the fur. They brought her home in the dog kennel that was in the truck, no escapes this time. We put her in the quarantine pen. During her stay in the pen Poppie double wired the pen she was to go in. She was one wild little scared doe. If Poppie wore his red duck billed hat near her she went crazy, the same kind of hat that Crazy Carol's son had on. Still think he didn't like goats and they knew it.

Over the next few months Poppie tamed her and grew very attached to her, she is a lovely little doe, she still gets in and out of the pens, at will, but puts her self back at the end of the day. She is Poppie's sweetheart. in the end maybe she escaped because she knew which house was to be hers and we had it wrong, maybe.... Next time.

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