Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Sister comes for a surprise visit, a welcomed treat.

My Little Sister, her husband Brother2 and her daughter, Freckles, came to visit. It was real nice surprise, Little Sister, is 10 years younger than I am. She was 9 when I got married, she is the oldest of her part of the family, the three little girls. She therefore shares my place in the family in many ways, the oldest sister, the sister that got the responsibility of helping with the younger siblings, except she did have all of us older ones to help her. But once we were all gone she was the oldest in her own right. She is a strong, well rounded person. Smart as a whip but that is something very common in our family, alot of genius level, just never developed to what outsiders would consider to potential, I think it is just  paper, smart is as smart does. We developed our abilities as best we could without the benefit of College. Saylavee..

Little Sister and Brother2 became parents when they were both 17,  Brother2 went to school and held down a 40 hour a week job, Little sister got her GED and a job and both are two of the hardest working people I know. Brother2's mom, the president of our local bank, taught them well to use their money well. They have a nice home and have always had enough to give their kids what they wanted to give them. They have two older kids and one, Freckles, that is 10 years younger, a surprise to their lives when she came along. They will be getting there second grandchild soon. They are horse people. My Little Sister is the manager of her office, and Brother2 due to a closure in his long time job, is now commuting to North Dakota so is gone 2 to 3 weeks and home a couple weeks. So yesterdays visit was a real treat that they shared, their special time together, by coming to see us. They live about 50 miles away from us and have for about 17 years. I would say she and I would be very close if we had more time together as it is, we have never had a fight and have a deep love and respect of each other, when she had surgery a few years back I got to go help her and Freckles for a couple of days, a very nice time.

They came and we got to share our goat with them, they had to see all the new babies. When they got here Freckles said "I don't like goats much, I like horses."  when she left she was taking about getting a goat from us next spring for her 4-H project. Goats really do grab ahold of your heart and not let go. She got to help feed the bums. Brother2 at one point ask who the little fellow running down the driveway was, Little Sister informed him it was not a fellow it was our Cubbie. She is the spitting image of Mokie at the same age, and since Mokie is only 14 years younger than Little Sister, she has a little dirty face that Little Sister well remembers, dirt and all. Brother2 got to take home eggs and that made his day, he loves the pigs and would love to have one but his neighbors would have a fit. We had a wonderful day and as Little Sister, is not caught up in any real family baggage, as she escaped it and never looked back, it is always wonderful to spend time with her. Love that we can just have a relationship that is about us and nothing else.  All in all a great restfull Sunday, good family, good weather and God's blessing..... tomorrow.

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