Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am at my core a realist, so see things in a simple real way, I hope?

I went into writing this blog with the thought that I would write daily, if possible, and would write anything that came to mind that day. I hope I am being honest with myself in my writings, sort of a journal that I can share with my children and grandchildren in the future. I choose to share it with anyone who cares to read it, some of you know me and may think I am not being real, others may think too much so and yet others will read just to see if I am a train wreck. All are welcome, this is for me and hopefully cathartic.

I like to name things with a thought to a reasons that are easy to remember. My goat are flowers, great ladies or came with names, my ladies are Rosie, Cleo, Lily, Jewels, Snowpine, and Clover, the bucks are Caesar, Zeus, and Romesis. The food goats are beets, stew, dessert, and radish. Poppies dogs are Minnie, Mickey, Muddles, Cash, Lewie and Lady Jay, all more or less cartoons. The peacocks are Prince and Duke, or Princess died so have to get them a new lady. The chickens alas are name less...

I took this idea of naming into my thought when I decided to write about people in my blog. They didn't make a choice to be in my blog, they are the people in my life, so I decided with all of the closest people in my life I would give them names that reflect their place in my life or how I think of them,  the nicknames I actually call my kids, or with Poppie and I who are grandkids call us. So maybe it is time too explain why they have their names.

Goofy, Bug, Mokie, are my older kids nicknames from when they were little children. The girls each had a cartoon character, that I called them. Bug, loved bugs as a child and it just fit. Yogie is smarter than the average and Booboo is her voice of reason, I have called them these nicknames since they were little and we looked for Ranger Smith in the woods. My grandkids, Eldest actually doesn't have a nickname and he is the eldest so I gave him that one.  M is a shortening of her actual name and we do call her that. Buga is so like Bug that she has always been Buga after him. Boy is all boy and I have always called him boy. Cubbie is like a little bear in a china shop so is my little cubbie bear. Song's real name means song so it was apt, I rarely get to see her and miss her. I didn't give Riley a name, and won't with his new sister, as I don't know them and probably won't get to so don't have a name to give them. Daughter and Son, are just that my daughter and son, in my large family the in laws are just like the outlaws, the original children, so we treat them as such.

I have spoken about the friends in my life, I once was playing a game where you are asked a number off of the top of you head, mine is always 7. The answer was that that is the number of meaningful friends you will have in you life, for me it is close to right. Sister, is probably my closest friend, on many levels, we were raised together know each other to the core of our beings and endured the same things, Poppie and I stood up for her and her husband when they got married, she is my sister and friend. Twin, has been my friend since I was a teenager, she was born 16 hours after me, one of her husbands believed in astrology and did our charts, he said we were astrological twins. I don't believe in astrology but the process was intriguing, so who am I to judge the way God speaks to people. The weird thing is that things do happen to us similarly, though we have almost never lived near one another. We are more like the ying to the others yang. Republican/democrat, fat/thin, liberal/conservative..... she has always been in sinc with me, even if we haven't seen each other in years, we can finish the conversation we were having like we didn't miss a word.  Lady and I have know who each other were since we were teenagers, we have been very close friends and more distant friends in our relationship. She is very much a lady and girlie girl, she is one of my closest friends, we just don't always know how to stay close or the changes in our lives make our relationship web and flow. Shorts is one of my longer known friends, she and I have know each other about 25 years, tried to get time to be friends when our kids were little but didn't really have time, we are now getting to renew our long time friendship in a way that it much closer and more meaningful. I have great hopes for the future of the relationship. Belle, is my newest friend, we have lots in common, God, kids, animals and live style. We hit it off right away, we don't always see eye to eye but that is probably a good thing.

 Mokie is my closest confidante, she is my lovely daughter and my cohort in trouble, she loves me for who I am and sees me as I am, yet still loves me. Daughter, was raised with my girls, she was Goofy's best friend growing up, she and Goofy many times were mean to Mokie, as kids are, she has called me mom a good portion of her life, she came to me many a time when her folks divorced just to be there. she is my daughter in law, and a great friend. Goofy, was once my dearest friend but no longer has the ablity to love me that way, I unfortunately knew, as Daughter did, that when we became the mothers of her children we could no longer be that close to her any more, she loved the children, in the moment enough to give them to us, but hated us for having them. We both still love her but it is probably an unattainable relationship to renew. The babies need us now, Goofy, is an adult and the choice was made, as hard as the results are some days. It is never easy to have to chose between your children and I rarely do. I love my children as individuals and they are each special and my favorite, God made only one of each of them, they are all special. ........

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