Thursday, March 3, 2011

Off to the big City, Poppie get a day away from Cubbie

Today I will be going to the nearest big town from where we live. Mokie, Cubbie and I go once a month to stock up on supplies, for people and animals. Poppie gets the day off from taking care of Cubbie, she tends to be a handful. She is just over two and has a little brain that won't quit, so tend to get into everything, I think mostly out of  curiosity. She walked at 9 months, was potty trained by 2 and just flat out wants to know about all things in her world. Poppie likes to have a break from her learning process. Her presence at the stores make for a long day of shopping.

Dahlila, one of my nanny goats is going to have babies any time now so we are on goat baby watch so hope to make the trip a short one. Poppie can deliver goat babies but it is not high on his list of want to dos. Building shelters, feeding and petting are his forte. The girls have made lists of what we need, what they think they need and what they want to have. Poppie and Boy have plans to finish plowing out the more than foot of snow we got Sunday and Monday. They have a 1965 Bradley yard tractor,  Boy allows Poppie to drive as it is his. The things little boys think are always amazing to me and most often it revolves around machinery, the old adage, that the only difference in a man and a boy is the price of his toy, is oh so true, it just seems the price of both toys are going up or getting closer together. I don't know which is worse. Have a great day one and all.

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