Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby watch, again, snow on St. Patty's Day, under the weather literally and Physically.

Woke up with a touch of the flu, sore throat, cough and achy but my Rosie has most likely decided that St. Patty's is a good day to have her babies. She is a real trooper and needs no help just a watchful eye so hopefully I won't get any sicker helping her today. We woke up to a heavy snow falling, that left about an inch on the ground. I can't wait for the spring to really come and get over all the teasing of it's coming. 50 degrees one day and snow the next, I think God had a sense of humor and likes to keep us on our toes. We are hoping for more little doelings but will take what we get. The girls are thinking on names that begin with R as we name the babies with the momma's first initial to keep genealogies straight. Clover is growing like a weed as Cleo is a great momma, Mokie hasn't named her doe yet, but as she doesn't name hers the way we do is leaning toward Lucky, as in lucky to be alive, after her breach birth.

I think the first of our piglets will be going to their new homes today. We shall see if they pick them up today or not. It will be nice when they are all gone and we have just ours left to take care of, especially with the baby goaties come now. Mokie told me the Belle is considering taking a break from her goats for awhile. She suffers from poor health issues so may need to take some time to herself for her health and return to goat raising at a different time. I hope the prospects of not having her goats will not weigh to heavy on her, in the end the addiction to goats may out weigh her discussion and she will keep them, we will see. She has had 7 baby goats this spring, 4 bucklings and 3 doelings.

As I don't want to ramble, from not being up to par, just a short update today. Have a great Saint Patty's day. enjoy your day, remember we are all Irish on this day, we are any way but love the company today..... tomorrow.

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