Monday, March 21, 2011

Poppie took care of the family all weekend.

I am truly rarely sick, my foster son, once said I was the battery that kept this family going, in a term paper. I never thought of it that way but as he was and is a car person it was an apt analogy. Tony is good a being sick he has been in and out of hospitals alot in the last 10 years, he takes to it easily and sort of knows I will take care of him. But normally he isn't aware of me being sick or doesn't know how to help when I am. His new change is personality from his accident seems to have helped him be more forceful. He really took charge and made me go to bed, and the most important part stay there. He made it so that I could stay there. He did house work, cooked meals and entertained the kids. I haven't stayed in bed so much since I had my bout of depression in my 30's. It is and was nice to be able to just be sick, rest and relax. I am hoping to be out of bed part of the day today and up more tomorrow.

The girls did there best to entertain me as well, they read their books to me, brushed my hair and generally were pretty good. I did have to help them bath their lamb and their baby goat as it had to be done, but Poppie wouldn't help them, I did allow it to happen in my bathroom much to Poppie's objection. I did have to clean out the bath tub, but for the most part got to have a sick hibernating weekend. Mokie invited them to stay the night Saturday night, so totally quiet night. We actually watched a movie something we rarely get to do. Very nice to have the quiet time together even if I was sick.

I did have to go help Mokie and Poppie milk, my Cleo, we didn't milk her last year as she was a young doe and her udder wasn't as developed. This year we have to, we weren't looking forward to it, that is why Poppie allowed me to help. She did much better than we thought, she is a strong goat and she does kick so thought she would hurt Mokie, but surprisingly she did well and it only took about 15 minutes, including putting her in the stanchion. Boer goats unlike dairy goats don't always have to be milked, Rosie is our biggest girl and we won't be milking her. I did get a possible buyer for one of my buckings on  Craiglist. We will see how it turns out. I made the offer for the bucklings as they are good quality for some one who may be looking for a  new buck in the herd. If I don't get a buyer soon, I will neuter and make them into withers for eating when they are mature.

So one more day of good rest left, I hope, then back to the real world....... tomorrow.

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