Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poppie finds a surprise in the Goat barn!

We are still all in various stages of being ill, but trying to get out and about to get the chores done. The goats, pigs, chicken and peacocks don't feed or milk themselves so even when the whole house is sick, somebody has to feed and take care of the animals. Morning chores went well, Mokie and I milked, Poppie used the milk to feed the bums, all were hayed and setup to their satisfaction. I did as much housework as I could and took lots of rest breaks. Yogie is currently the most ill, so she spent a good deal of the day in bed, Booboo who was the worst is now at a stage where she wants to pester her sister so is on the mend. M had a birthday party in the afternoon but, we were to ill to attend, so will spend time with her on Tuesday which is her actual birthday. Mokie, Boy, Cubbie and Pseudo grand kids went to the party. We were just being lazy watching tv when Poppie went out to get wood, and feed the animals for early evening chores.

Poppie came into the house and said "you need to come out to the goat barn." I couldn't imagine what he needed but went anyway. All my goats either had babies or weren't due yet, so had to see what was wrong. I got out there and Snowpine, the little Saanen/Alping cross had a beautiful Little girl by her side. She had done it all alone and was merrily taking care of her little baby. The baby is the oddest marked little thing, grays and whites. Not at all what I expected. She was due to have a baby about a month ago by the calendar the lady I had bought her from had told me. I had just figured when she didn't have the the baby she must have not been bred when I got her and would have babies in May, the earliest she could have if bred to my buck. But no here stands a totally unexpected little sweetie. She must have gotten the color from her alpine side, she would only be a quarter alpine, but has the color. I had Poppie got get Booboo, as she was on the mend and needed a little out of the house time. She also was in line to get to name this baby. She came out and got to enjoy the surprise baby. She is contemplating the names of Sweetie, Sassy, Sahara and Scarlet.

Mokie came home from the party and Poppie called her over from her house. He told her one of the goats was in danger, he is a bit of a trickster at times. She came over and was totally worried one of my goats was dying. She was happily surprised to see the little sweetie. She really would like to talk Booboo out of this baby as Son has his heart set on full blood Saanen, I told her I would see what the other two have before I made a decision on which does I want to keep. I actually have 6 with Clover and want to try and stay at 6 or 7 so maybe she will get this one, undecided yet. She and Booboo are fighting over the name, too funny, it really doesn't matter that here is 19 years different in their ages they still have that sisterly relationship at times.

I got a buyer for one of my little bucklings and a possible for the second so all in all it was a nice rounded day. Booboo did throw up from being out in the cold to long and Yogie got to see the baby for a quick minute before I made her go back in. ... Saturdays are nice....tomorrow.

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