Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patty's babies, Human and Boer.

I ended up spending most of the afternoon, not in bed, where I needed to be but in the goat barn helping deliver two little bucklings. The are both classic Boer and are too cute for words. Momma did well just needed a little help. All her sister does checked the babies soon after they were born. Cleo looked at Rosie, looked at her babies in a way that seemed to say, very nice, good job. Rosie allowed her to look and then Cleo left. Last night as Poppie checked on them before bed, the two does lay near each other with the little ones all sort of in one pile. My two dominant does allow each other special privileges, that my lesser does are not allowed have. I haven't decided if I will sell them or keep them for meat, probably meat so tentatively they are Radish and Rutabaga.

I got a new great niece at almost the exact same time. She has the same name as my oldest granddaughter. My Sister and I will share our oldest granddaughter, at least in name. Mother and baby are both doing well, I am told. She does have a nice Irish name as is fitting for coming into the world on St. Patrick's day.

Belle, came to get the 4 piglets they had purchased from us in the early afternoon, before the babies started to come. We had them located in the dog carrier to make it easier for them to take home. She brought me lovely Castor oil and eucalyptus ointment she had made for my chest. It is a wonderful help to my congested chest. Later in the afternoon, Belle's husband stopped by to get  his vehicle that Poppie and Bug had fixed. I asked him how the piglets were doing and he looked at me in surprise and said, "Belle, didn't call you?" I said, "No, is there something wrong?" It seems their fence was larger wire than mine and the sneaky little babies got out. I was so worried for them. I called Mokie after, Belle's husband left and she and Son went out to help look for them. Poppie went as well.

After several hours Poppie returned home, when he had gotten there, Son had helped them catch the piglets, three were fine. I guess when they had gotten out Belle's guardian dog, who's job it is to guard her animals didn't know what they were and caught and killed the largest red and white one. Belle was devastated, as were her children, I am not sure if they witnessed it or not, but they were so looking forward to playing with the little guys. We unfortunately don't have any more for her. I was so sorry for their loss. Her children like mine are prepared for the planned deaths it is the unexpected ones that hurt the most. So I am off to bed, just had to do my daily update..... tomorrow.

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