Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life and death on a little farm, is part of the cycle, some harder than others.

We gave Dahliala the shot, oxytocin is hard on the Nanny, it made her weak and in pain. She was not eating at this point and not drinking much, so was becoming dehydrated. She was still very worried about her babies. I had thought about taking them but they gave her so much comfort to be with them. We left her alone so the medicine could do what it was supposed to. We checked her every little bit, as our presence seemed to be harder on her than just letting her alone. During one of the checkings we found the littler baby, Dinner, smashed where she had apparently fallen on him. I at that point had to remove the other baby but left the little one for her. She seemed to take comfort from laying by him and putting her head on him, she didn't want to leave him. When we tried to walk her, thinking it would help her progress she fought to stay with him, I was surprised at the fight she had in her to stay with him, and the strength. We left her alone with him. She doesn't seem to be in real pain at this point, more just wore down and exhausted.

I went on line to check out more on how long the oxytocin, should take to work, I found that on line it should have been given to her, the first day, when I made my original call. The odds of it working grow less the longer you wait. The vet is admittedly not very experienced with goats, and gets alot of his information from a local Goat Herdress, another crazy goat lady, Son knows, so plan on taking a trip to meet her soon, unfortunately he is the most knowledgeable Vet in our area on goats. I at this point have come to terms with the fact that unless God intervenes we will lose her. She is heartbreakingly sad to see, laying with her had on the little ones body, I know they are not supposed to cry but I am sure I have seen her tears.

Dessert was hungry when we brought him in the house, his momma had stopped giving milk at this point and he had nursed her dry. He wasn't very fond of the bottle but it was his mamma's milk, I had milk out each day. He did come around to the bottle. When Yogie and Booboo came home I had to tell them the situation. They both were heartbroken, Booboo sobbed, I told her that since Yogie had Lambchops she would have the care of Dessert, she was consoled a little. She wrapped him up in a baby blanket and laid with him, he now has a new momma to love and follow around. We did diaper him as he is in the front room and bedroom with her. Booboo and Dessert fell asleep both all done from the days events.

I know that life on a little farm is hard, part of the cycle is birth and dying, My little girls understand that and are prepared for the death of an animal bred to be meat, we love them, enjoy them  and care for them through the process. They are not yet old enough to understand the passing of an animal that is not expected. I know as an adult that birth is a process that includes death sometime but it doesn't make it any easier to go through. I know this experience, like any other, helps them grow but it is no less sad or heartbreaking.... today we will see if momma survives, I do know at this point it is in Gods hands...... tomorrow.

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