Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainforest trip and the goaties survived the shots, ring and worming.

We milked the goats on Sunday bright and early and followed up with annual shots or baby shots, worming and one little fellow lost his little jewels. He took it good until a little later it caused him to thrash around on the ground for a few minutes, sounds cruel but much less traumatic than cutting and snipping. He was up and running after his sibling and half siblings in a little while, and leading the herd in some of the play. We didn't get time to get the trimming done but like all other work it will be there next time we get a chance to do it. Dessert and Lamb chops didn't get wormed as once we worm we can't keep the milk for 4 days so as they are on bottle they will get the milk and they milk will worm them.

Our chickens have started the lay eggs in record numbers, they hadn't restarted since molting so we took the advise of my brother in laws aged dad and feed them a pound of burger. It worked like a charm and set their systems to working on over drive. We are getting between 16 and 22 eggs daily. Yogie has stepped up and decided to be the egg taker carer person. She collects them in the evening after school, Poppie sometimes does it in the morning with Boy for her, on weekends she collect 2 to 3 times a day. She is selling them for 2 dollars a dozen or 3 for an eighteen pack. She uses the money to buy more feed and gets a little extra.

Once the chores were done on Sunday we took a nice long walk in the rain forest. We walked around twice instead of once as Poppie was in town and picked us up at the bottom of the hill, Booboo ran up the hill and expended all her energy. We do walk up the hill in the warm spring or in the summer but since it has been a long cold spring the walk up the hill brings alot of cold air in to our lungs and extends the colds we have been fighting for about 8 weeks. They found newly bloomed butter cups, and feed apples to the ants on the ant hill, this week end we will return to see how the ants did on the apple cores, maybe they will be gone without a trace, we will see. 

We used what milk we had extra from milking to make soap. We got two nice batches we made into shampoo plain and floral. We will have a couple more to make today and maybe again tomorrow. This week was busy Yogie got her bottom braces, and got kudos for her brushing, we had to get her a waterpic and a sonic toothbrush, with all the appliances in her mouth she was not able to brush them on her own. Booboo uses the new teeth equipment too. They are using it well.

Poppie and I are working on a new green house, we used guardrail posts that someone gave us to make the foundation. It will be 10 and 1/2 by 16 feet, that will make a nice little green house for our cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, we will  have an additional raise bed down one side. The structure will be made from our old sliding glass doors and windows, so the whole thing will be mostly recycled. We should get alot of it done today so a nice project planned.... tomorrow.

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