Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring yard cleaning and goats brings children's laughter and play.

I awaken to the loudness of silence, it is always quiet in the mornings when I wake up, usually around 4:30 to 5:30, Saturdays it varies as the program that we have set to come on is not on so no actual wake up call, but today is different. The girls spent the night with Mokie and family, I don't know why but my body knows they are not here. It is more quiet on a level I can't describe. I know that being just the two of us again will happen sooner than Poppie and I are prepared for, we were there for really one full year before the girls came to stay in our lives. I am a person who does not do well with being alone, I am rarely alone, Poppie is here most all the time, and when he is not I usually have a child or grandchild with me. I am not sure I am strong enough, in ways, to be alone and God doesn't burden us with things he knows we can not overcome. I hope I never have to find out about truly being alone. I lay hear and listen to the snoring next to me, it is very reassuring to have the comforting sound beside me.

Last evening all of us, Poppie, Mokie, the girls, pseudo grand kids, visited with the baby goats, They are growing, and there is nothing cuter than baby goats, they ran, jump and just play. A child chases one this away and another that away. When the child gives up the little goatie will run over and butt them or jump on them to start the whole process over again, the goat's love the play almost a much as the children. The mommas, some don't care, and others spend their time trying to deflect the child's attention from their babies, some put themselves between the baby and the child. The children are oblivious to the mothers interference, they are so set on playing with the babies and have no fear of the momma goats so never notice. Some of the babies crave the attention and just love to see the children come to play others, usually with the more independent mothers, need more coaxing to play. Play is so good for both the kids and the kids.

Spring doesn't seem too want to truly come so we take advantage of the partially nice days to get out and enjoy the out of doors. We hope to do yard work, raking, shoveling and burning. There is a lot to do to get the property reading for the new year, but the best part is just spending time with the kids, which ever come by, grand kids or kids, and each other. The girls and I will get to walk in the rain forest just for the shear joy, it is funny to watch Booboo, who on her very first walk, all those years ago, needed such encouragement to go, (she was 2 1/2) races up the big hill at the end with such joy and accomplishment. Life is good, tomorrow isn't here and yesterday does not matter, we have today to enjoy our lives and we plan to do just that..... tomorrow.

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