Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yogie and I practice making angel food cake and pound cake for the farmers market.

Yogie has several fairly regular egg clients. so that is exciting for her. It makes her proud to put her money in her little cup for the chicken food. She gets to see that work has a purpose and pays for new material, food for the chicken, and sometime she has a little extra for her. I think a good lesson in life.

She still has extra eggs, and no I am not into freezing eggs, so we have to figure out what to do with them. We have had creative dishes to eat, given eggs to her brother and sister. but still need some thing to do with eggs before Poppie won't eat them at all. Always a danger with Poppie, he does get tired of things and won't eat them so we try to be careful not to push him over the edge. My ladies at CAKLS gave me the idea to make angel food and pound cake. I knew from reading historic recipes that you made the two together to use up the eggs efficiently, however when I started looking into recipes, yes they both use eggs but the recipes called for whole eggs in the pound cake. Disappointing. I pulled a couple pound cake recipes from the Internet and made the one that didn't take cake flour on Wednesday. It turned out nice.

Yogie was home from school yesterday, had an eye situation, not really sick but the school would have sent her home on the chance her eye was contagious, it never is but they have to think of the other kids. She wasn't, the eye cleared up after I gave her saline. She was home and we had time to experiment. The angel food recipe called for cake flour as well, I didn't have any so couldn't make any or the pound recipe cake that did. I was bemoaning our lack when I thought, I know that the old adage was you made them together to use both parts of the egg, so I ask the Internet for a yolk only recipe, there it was an old German golden pound cake. I figured as long as I was sitting there I would ask it if I could make the cake flour, again, there it was.

The cake flour is so easy, I cup of flour minus two tablespoons of flour, plus to tablespoons of cornstarch, sifted 5 times. Yogie got to do the measuring and the sifting, she was so excited except that her tiny little arm wore out and I finished sifting for her. We just started to make our cakes when Boy and Cubbie came over, they wanted to help. It disappointed Yogie to share her kitchen time, for a moment, but she invited them to share with her. So Yogie stood on one side, Boy on the other (they both have kitchen stools) and Cubbie on the counter by the mixer as we began our recipe. We separated our room temperature eggs, a dozen, and mixed the whites to medium peak, we had added half the sugar, warm water, vanilla, and cream of tartar to the whites before we began to mix. Once we reached good peak we gently frosted and folded the "cake" flour and sugar into the egg whites. We then put the batter into the ungreased tube pan, very important with angel cake no grease on anything, beaters to pan. We popped it into the oven. The little ones happily went to lick their beater and bowl. Yogie and I began our pound cake. She went buttering and flouring the pans. We started with 2 tube pans, but had to butter one more tube and one small loaf to use the dozen yolks, I began to cream the butter and sugar for the full 5 minutes before adding the yolks one at a time to the batter, we then added the flour mix, buttermilk, flour mix,  buttermilk, and ended with the last of the flour mix. We filled the pans and let them set to go into the oven once the angel food was done. The little ones were back to share the beater and the bowl with Yogie.

The cakes came out well, only one didn't want to come out of the tube, Yogie said she would butter the pan better next time, as she saw the importance of a good butter and flouring, the cake was prettier when it came out. Yogie does like pretty, it plays to her girlness. Boy took one of the tube cakes home, Yogie helped him, they were so proud of their creation. After dinner, Yogie and Booboo cut the angel cake, all, including Poppie loved it. So we now have two good recipes (which since I got them on the Internet and they aren't family heirloom recipes I didn't include) for the farmers market, the yolk pound cake was much better flavored than the whole egg one, We love experimenting, the memories we share are worth more than the process..... tomorrow.

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