Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday morning brings a peaceful snow and a day of hybernation.

We woke up to 4 inches of snow and it still coming down, God does have a sense of humor, maybe this is his April fools joke just a couple days late. It is so beautiful though and so peaceful to watch the clean renewing flakes floating down from above. I know it will get slushy and muddy but in this moment it is just a beautiful cleansing blanket, like a child had played with a feather pillow and it had came open covering the scene with it white soft beauty. The Lord has blessed our Sunday with a coating of love. We will need it this summer so we will take the blessing with thanks in our hearts. I hope the Lord is good to you today, snow always makes me think of the Lord, I always feel his love and presence on a morning like this. In my blogging I hope to share my love of God and share my witness to his being our creator and Jesus's sacrifice for us but I do not want to make my opinion of God my focus. I know that my opinion and 1 to 5 dollars will buy a good cup of coffee. My opinion is just that, my opinion, but the hunger to seek God out and study his word and his plan for us should come from him not me. I only hope to spark an interest in your heart to seek him out for yourself.

The girls and I will be making puppets for Yogie spring break homework project, that we didn't get done when they were sick. We have gotten a lot of the project done but have finishing work to do. No one will be going out in the snow as we are not over our sickness enough for it not to put us right back to bed, milking and chores only. We had planned on butchering Beets and Stew but not sure if we will get that done later we will see. My friend Belle just got back from selling her herd to a lady about 1/2 way across the state. She was sad to see her goaties go but the respite from them will probably do her health alot of good. Her husband has some health issues, as well, so can't pick up all the slack for her not being able to do what she wants. The girls had a wonderful visit with their Grandpa, both felt short changed from Grandma as she has her favorites in her children and grand children, Only, is her favorite, as is Matt, and she couldn't stopped playing with or talking about her long enough to spend any time with them. They spent the whole time with Grandpa planting plants which helped them take away their hurt.

I am listening to world news in the background, as I write this, and the messes we are in in this world right now are very frightening. Poppie, a cup half empty sort of person, gets so worried, I only let him watch so much before I have to get his mind on something else. I do hope that we, as a world, can come to more positive out comes. I pray that senseless killing can be overcome with kindness and caring for our fellow man. I am the cup full half of our relationship, Poppie's other half, I try to see some good in this world and see hope for our future. I think that even today, God sees enough good in people to allow the world to continue on it's path, I do so hope the good in man continues and strengthens and the evil does not over take our lives.  We live in such unsettled times that I am glad to be off pace in my life and try to live at a slower more old fashioned pace, though I understand that that world is near and could destroy my little world in a heart beat, but God willing it won't. .....Have a nice Lord's day... tomorrow. 

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