Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter egg hunt to attend and a green house to build among other things.

Today is the annual Easter egg hunt that two of the local non-profit agencies put on for the children 10 and under. The event is always such a joy to attend, the children can't not seem to control the excitement at hunting for the eggs and toys. Some children will win bikes and other toys and all will get candy, eggs and memories to last a life time. The hunt is divided into age groups to make each hunt fair and more fun for the children in that age group. Booboo won a bike two years ago and she and Yogie had such joy in her winning. The two girls have always taken such joy, maybe more in the others winning, I don't really know why but it has always been so. Today Yogie, Booboo, Boy and Cubbie will go and make new memories.

This morning before the hunt Poppie and I will be working on the new green house. We bought the extra boards that we need to go with all the recycled windows, posts and steel rafters. We should end up with a very nice green house and will  have even more tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper for our use and the farmers market.

Mokie picked up 5 baby turkeys for Booboo yesterday, Yogie takes care of the chickens so the turkeys will be Booboos. Poppie and I spent the afternoon, raking the yards and getting a place set up for the babies, in my studio again. They are all alive and chirpy this morning. Turkeys are one of the stupidest babies there are, they can literally drown themselves in the rain. They have to be taught to drink and eat so that they are alive this morning is a mile stone in their lives.

Going out to Lady's house to pick up a van that she and her husband gave us for Poppie to fix up. Poppie can't do the mechanicing he once did but he does enjoy fixing up older classic type vehicle. He will now have three, a 1973 jeep wagoner, from Belle's husband, a 1965 Volkswagon bug I got him several years ago, and this 1980's van. He also was honored to have bought my dad's 1978 Honda golden wing, that only has 35,000 original miles on it; but more important he has his memories with Dad also. We got a new used carburetor for it last fall and it runs wonderful again. He hopes to get it painted and the full dress fixed to it's old glory and go take my Dad for a ride on it, he can no longer ride it himself. I have a lot to do today and got to get started.... tomorrow.

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