Monday, April 4, 2011

Zoo Town trip, a day with out Cubbie for all, much more efficent.

Bug and Daughter have volunteered to watch Cubbie and Boy while Mokie and I go to Zoo Town to do shopping. It will be a nice reprieve from the kids. Poppie who will be plowing out goat pens with his little tractor is just as excited about them not being with him. We love them dearly but it is very hard to get any shopping or plowing done with them with us. Bug is so excited that Boy will be visiting with him, Eldest and M will be in school, so he will get to spend one on one time with his only nephew. They will be hot tubing. Cubbie, Buga and Daughter have plans to do something fun and special but I have not been advised of the specifics.

Mokie and I will be picking up grain for the animals at the feed store, and we are supposed to not look at the baby birds. I have been wanting turkeys so I will be looking to see if they have some, I am not sure that I will get any and I know Poppie will be gruff about me getting them, if I do. He has said I could have some in the past but change is always difficult for Poppie. We will see how it goes. They might have some and they might be nice chicks. I have to get minerals for the goats while I am there. I have mostly white goats and they do better in our area, in ways, than the dark ones, they are less effected by the lack of copper in our soil, all are greatly effected by the fact that we have almost no selenium in our ground. We have to supplement them, even the hay we can get here is not high in selenium.

Poppie likes his days when he can just be with himself and his goaties. I am a person that doesn't like to be alone, Poppie likes space, but after 31 years of living in each others pockets, has learned to accept and like it, but he does like a day with out me sometimes. He will be plowing up all the wasted hay straw and manure, I helped him move the feeder yesterday so he can do a good job in the doe pen. Bug may come up in the afternoon and help him slaughter Beets and Stew, it never did get nice enough to do it yesterday. If they get it done I will grind it with suet and brisket tomorrow for burger. We like our goat meat ground, the best, I know there are other good ways to eat it but, as we are relatively new to eating it, we are still learning good preparations. Poppie also doesn't like stewed meats and roast much so that plays into his preferring it as burger for more burger preparations.

I will be leaving soon and just wanted to get this blog off as I am really trying to blog daily, again it is very cathartic. I will enjoy my day with my daughter, just the two of us, something we rarely get to do..... tomorrow.

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