Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New baby goat is doing well, new puppy is named and time to carve again.

The baby bucklings is doing well, he eats most all of the milk his little momma can make but she is making enough for him to grow. He is really a little cutie, he is snow white with a little cinnamon dusting. He is tiny, as tiny as a pygmy baby. He is a little fighter which will help him survive. The neighbor kids came by to see him and one of them was afraid she would make him sick just holding him but we encouraged her to hold him as she can't make him ill. She enjoyed holding him. Cubbie and Boy enjoy holding him as he is little enough for them to pick him up.

My new puppy is doing well, I have discovered she has a inguinal hernia, which is unusual for a little puppy, it is on the left side, which is the normal side for it to be on. The same side that she has the trouble walking on. I am thinking when I get her spayed and the hernia fixed that she may be able to walk better. She is however getting around well and the more she walks the better she gets around, I can't say the better she walks; I think she just is getting her own gate figured out. We named her Sadie, saddie Sadie, which made everyone happy, we had an old loved dog years ago named Sadie that was the same color right down to her nose, so she was honored with a special name and our memories were rekindled about an old friend.

I still have one little doe to have babies or baby yet. She is the other yearling we have, she is due around the 4th of May but looks to be able to have the baby anytime now. She is a dairy goat and we bred her to the boer buck so we are trying to keep a close eye on her just encase she may have a little trouble but with the tiny doe doing so well we are encouraged that all will go well. The first of my babies will be 2 months soon so the weanings will begin as they all turn 2 months, last year we had weaned at 6 weeks but the later born set, that didn't wean until later, did so much better than the younger weaned babies that this year all will wean later. The moms won't be any happier either way. We have made a weaning pen for the babies and two will go over to Mokie's and one is sold and will go to his new home. I am excited about him, he is the first baby I will be selling that I bred and the beginning of my breeding line. I hope to have doelings as well as buckling to sell next year. Though I may get doelings that I can sell from my last little doe. I am going to sell one of my adult moms to make up for the doelings I am keeping. I like to stay at the 6 or 7 mark for my does. The doe that hasn't kidded may be one of the does I sell. I have an offer for my little black doelings so lots of discussions yet to make.

I am going to be making soap today, I do love the process. I will soon have so much milk, after the weanings, that I will have to make soap or cheese daily. I will make a bulk of cheese to start it aging for the summer farmers market. The cheese has to age atleast 2 months before I can sell it and I like to age it longer, I have some still aging from last summer, nice flavor but I did make the mistake of them being to dry but some people like them anyway. I will also be carving today as I  have been sick all spring and haven't been able to carve, because on my lungs, but today I will get to carve a little and will make sure to not carve longer than a set time so I don't make my lungs worse. I do miss carving when I haven't gotten to for a while, but in some ways it improves my carvings as I regain some of the excitement in the process that I lose when I have to do it everyday. Poppie is going to Bug's to work on a car so alone time today, I am not always good at it but Poppie enjoys the time apart.... tomorrow.

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