Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday a speical day the Lord gives us each week, we all spend them differently!

When I was a very little child I loved Sunday mornings, we got up and eat breakfast. Mom always made breakfast, we never had cereal as it was expensive and really a new fangled thing back then. We mostly had good old fashioned breakfasts, oatmeal with whipped cream, from the cow, sometimes it had raisins mostly it didn't, eggs and toast, cornmeal mush with toast, or sourdough pancakes with syrup, made from mixing equal parts sugar and water with a little mapleline, all were good and all filled out tummies up. We never got candy, which was good, but we would have left over cold pancakes with butter later as a special treat. Once the mess was cleaned up, and my mom never goes anywhere if the house is not cleaned up, like moms who give you extra underwear encase you are in a car wreck, we would go to church. Over the years we went to many a nice congregation. Hamilton, Lewiston, Wallawa, Missoula, Grangeville, and some that were in strife and not the most fun, but I love going to a good loving Sunday Church service.  Once Church was over sometimes we would go to my grandma, Thema and grandpa, Martins, for Sunday dinner, I don't actually have strong memories of the time but the feeling of warmth in my heart that thoughts of that time bring to me make me know there was always love from them. We went sometimes to my other grandparents, Gladys and Jim, and their younger girls, Delane, Zonna, and Lynne, the love and flat out excitement of being with the rowdy young girls, they were at the time, was always such fun.

Later as we aged, moved and my grandparents both set gone, for different reasons, Sunday became more solemn, sometime there were potlucks, and sometime we went to peoples homes and sometime we came home to the ordinary. When we stopped going to church during the years, at Plains, dad had originally done a service at home which were nice, my father is a good Preacher in his own right. I have never meant a person I would say is more like God when he forgives, God forgives and forgets the sin, it no longer exists, my Dad forgives and the transgression is no longer there between you, he lets it go and it is forgotten. I don't know of very many people capable of that, I do know lots of people the forgive but you are reminded of the transgression again and again or made to pay for it later. Once we left Plains we went to may other churches in other places, all nice and some loving. Where I live now and have lived for 31 years, from the day I got married, I happily will tell you I have move to 5 different houses in those years, but not move once out of this town, my kids went all their years in the same school. I wanted them to have a stable solid base to start their lives from, two have moved away, one back and one lives on the property where she was born. They have a true hometown. The Church here has varied, in the beginning it was a nice little church but through the years has whittled down to completely gone, when my parents moved away it was totally gone, and to some degree was done before that. I do love to go to church but have not come to a place in my life where I can easily go to a different Church. I have several different friends I could go with and they would be happy to take me, two churches that I could not truly belief in the churches differences, so I would be a hypocrite to go there, one that is not in my community and I want to go in my community for my girls, I have gone with the girls grandparents but again it is out of the community. My girls have just started going to Awanas it is a nice congregation and would be the easiest choice for us to go to, maybe we will eventually go there. The girls and I now watch Church on the tv and read our bibles, it is not enough but it is a good start for them. I sometimes, and in this still am under the strong opinion that I was raised with that I need to go to the church I was raised in, the biggest problem I have is that that church as a whole is gone, the new Church it has become is not the one my heart seeks. I do pray that God will show me where I should go and where I should help my girls find their way in God.

Today we are going to go on a ride this afternoon and have a picnic in the woods, God's Cathedral and Church. The Soul cleansing feeling I get from being with God in the woods, that he made, are second to none...... tomorrow.

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